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Hey! I saw the Verizon commercial you are in and googled to find out who that hot asian woman is! You are a stunningly beautiful woman! (hope i’m not sounding like a perv but i couldn’t help myself).

Hope to see more of you on the tv or big screen!


Hi, I live in North Dakota. I thought I would say hello to you and tell you that I am a fan of your movies. I first saw you in Lethal Weapon 4. I think you are a beautiful woman. Keep up the good work. Have a great day there and Godbless you Jeanne.

Bye for now…..Mike

Just saw your Nissan commercial and could not figure out from where I recognized you. After some Internet searching and some hard thought I realized I remembered you from the episode of Charmed you did many years ago. Just goes to show you what a memorable actress you are. Just wanted to share that with you. Hope to see you in many things in the future!



I found out you’re a Movie Star. LOL I checked out the Jeanne Chinn Website, Cool or what ?? Movies or not your a star in my books.


Hi Jeanne, Hey just saw the WEEDS episode with you…very funny…INAPPROPRIATE!!!


Hi Jeanne,

Just want to say, I am a big fan of yours. Your beauty is second to none. I would like to know if it would be possible to get an autographed photo of you.Thanks for your time and stay beautiful…..

-Don C.


I want to thank you for writing back. It was a wonderful surprise and a great day brightener. I don’t think your blogs are crazy. I find them insightful and fun to read. It’s refreshing to know that a Hollywood person (no disrespect intended) is so down to earth and real.

I finally obtained a copy of “Code Name Phoenix”. Believe me it wasn’t easy. I had been trying to see the movie ever since I missed the airing on Sci Fi channel last year. In fact I even got DVR so that I could record the next showing on TV, but to my knowledge it hasn’t been on TV since.( At least not locally in Las Vegas) After months of checking E-bay and, I was finally able to get a copy through UK It cost me $25 for movie and $35 to have formatted.(That’s another story)

I really enjoyed movie and I thought you were fantastic. I would love to see you in martial arts action movies. I hope you have a wonderful holiday and great 2009.

P.S.- After many years of procrastination I joined a martial arts class, not Jeet Kune Do, that’s too much for my arthritic joints but Kenpo. You are part of my inspiration.

George- Las Vegas

Hi Jeanne,

first of all, I want to say something you hear all the time, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!!!

I don’t just mean in body , which is so obvious, but in spirit too. I’ve spent several hours reading your blog entries and I’m amazed how you are not wasting one minute of life. I admire your work ethic and dedication to the martial arts, your love of your family (your nephew sounds really cute), and your philosophy on life and living.

You are truly are STAR.

George- Las Vegas

Ms Jeanne CHINN – Invitation from 2750-year-old Samarkand, UNESCO World Heritage town

Dear Ms Chinn,

Sunny greetings from Uzbekistan in the heart of Central Asia!

Even as far away as we are, we would be very happy to have your autographed photograph in our international Peace Autograph Project Exhibit. You might also wish to write a short message on your vision of the better world and include any autographed work(s) of yours, if at all possible. Thanks for helping!

May we ALL have Peace.

With warm regards and best wishes,

Anatoly Ionesov, Director

International Museum of Peace and Solidarity P.O. Box 76, UZ – 140100 Samarkand Republic of Uzbekistan.

Hi Jeanne,

You are extremely talented and I really look forward to working with you again. I’m working on many projects and I know something will come to mind. Anyone with the comic chops that you have, I need to be working with.

Please Keep in Touch,

Dwayne J.

Dear Mam:

You are a legend.

This might sound strange coming from Lebanon, but is it possible,please,please to send me a signed photo,or a signed note,or a signed bookplate.If I receive it it will be the best gift I had ever received.

I am sure you don’t have time for overseas fan but it is worth the try

I hope you will not disregard this mail.

Thank You

Sincerely yours,

Fady D. – Lebanon

I would like to order the DVD,I think Jeanne Chin is totaly hot!!!

-Tom M.

Wow, you’re the most beautiful woman in the world!  Sincerely, very beautiful… and just so you don’t think I randomly send superlative comments to people I don’t know (i promise i don’t :)), even though i’m an entertainment lawyer by profession, I’m wildly into taking medium format photography (so I get a little credibility when calling someone the most photogenic person in the world, i think


I knew from the first time we met that you were great talent… I felt your commitment and energy….You have motivated me to get back in the game and make a mark! Thank you for sharing your talent. I learned from you. Your execution of a character is effortless…And I know that comes from being talented but more so from good study ethics.

Thank you for being “Brilliant” and inspiring me! All the best to you and please keep in touch.

Continued success.

-Mister Jones

I love your website!

I saw you on Jerry Poteet’s JKD Low Line Attacks DVD. You’ve got a mean hook kick girl! I like how you did the whole thing in heels too.



Hi there,

Thank you for responding, I saw you on the Verizon commercial, and I thought you looked very familiar, then I saw the Weeds episode that you were in, “OMG” that was way too funny; again, good luck to you.I hope to see you on the big screen one day!!! I am now an official fan of yours!!



Hi there,

I just saw that Verizon commerical and I must say that I get a kick out of that commercial. I think you are very pretty, good luck to you in your career!



Grace, beauty, style, and everlasting happiness shines out of you and lights our abandoned towers.



Hello Jeanne,

My name is Michael and I come from Denmark. I’m 35 years old and I’m a big fan of yours. You are my favorite actress, I have almost all your movies and my absolute favourite movie is Codename: Phoenix, I have seen it at least 50 times and I never get tired of watching it. It’s still one of the best crime movies in the world. My other favourite is Lethal Weapon 4, which I think is the best and well played action movie ever made.

I think you are one of the best and most beautiful, most talented actresses in the world and I’m looking forward to your next movie.

I should be very happy if you would sign my Codename Phoenix DVD cover + prints and maybe a picture or something to me, that would make me very, very proud and happy.

Best wishes and good luck to You and your family from:

Michael – Denmark

Dear Jeanne

Watched you in WITHOUT A TRACE – NICKEL AND DIMED episode, wish to say you looked really hot.

With sincerity and respect.

Peter – Bournemouth, Dorset(County), UK

I was hoping you could help me. I am trying to find a copy of the movie “Codename Phoenix ” It is a very hard movie to find and I have been looking for it to no avail. Thank you very much for your time.

Joe – Florida

When do you expect the scene from Weeds to be added to the DVD demo? Also, I received the signed magazine and promo photo and I have to tell you that they are gorgeous!


Michael, Texas

*Hey Jeanne,

My name is Deon and I’m a big fan of your work. Last night I was watching ECW on the SciFi Channel and decided to get online for a few hours. All of a sudden I’m hearing fighting on my TV. Being that I’m a huge fan of action movies I run to see what’s on. To my surprise I see this familiar female (who I’m trying hard to place) fighting another female in a bathroom. So being that it’s an awesome action movie and I’m still trying to remember you, I hit record on the VCR and check for your real name on the guide. The movie is Code Name Phoenix starring Jeanne Chinn. I know I’ve seen that name before so after the movie (which was awesome by the way) I look you up and read your bio, and there it is Charmed. I remembered you because I have that episode on tape. That is my favorite episode because you and Alyssa Milano brought nonstop action to it. You are an amazing martial artist. What is your style? How long have you been training? Do you have any upcoming projects? I missed the first 30 minutes of Code Name Phoenix is there any way you can help me find it on DVD? Thanks for taking time out for a fan.

Hey sweetie, what’s up? I am a JKD and gracie jiu-jitsu practitioner in Atlanta. I just wanted to tell you I think you’re gorgeous and was wondering if I could order an autographed picture of you and pay through the internet? Hope all is well with you.


Thanks a lot for the demo! I really appreciate that you personalized it for me. Also thanks for the autographed photo! I was just wondering, I really loved Jeanne in Code Name Phoenix, but I’m having a hard time finding a copy of it on the net. Do you have any copies of that of movie? I would love to order one. But still, thanks for all the stuff you sent me!


April was starting out to be a crappy month, so I’m excited! I love it when celeb’s send extra stuff!!!

I saw Jeanne Chinn in an episode of Charmed. I sent her a really crappy scan of her with the cast and James Hong and a custom index card. She signed the 8 x10 in black sharpie “with love�?, the IC in metallic gel pen, PLUS sent an Inside Kung-Fu magazine cover signed!


* Saw Weeds and loved it! Hilarious- you did a wonderful job and I loved the expression on your face when you said, “Inappropriate!”. My husband and I watched it with my parents. I read your latest blog and it is absurd that people may be offended by your role. It is a comedy and it is so well-writtten, acted, and produced. People need to relax a bit and just enjoy life.”

Rose B.

*Amazing performance on WEEDS! Especially given that you have no accent in real life. My favorite part was when you got Shane to stop crying, then switched it up to get him to follow you. I’ve seen a lot of your acting and all I can say is you just keep turning out great work!


* I first saw you on ER which I never watched but stopped on ‘cuz of you!! Your fault…thanks a lot.

I was impressed by your screen presence. Unique and natural talent is what you got. Most people on screen look kinda fake in my opinion.

Anyways, I was so surprised ‘cuz one show I actually do watch is Larry David’s show…and you were awesome again and stunningly beautiful….

I’m prideful but I will admit I am a fan…so there, I said it…

Anyways thank for taking time to write me…I’m waiting for the jaded period when you are so busy that you can’t speak to me. Looking at my watch!!!


* Congratulations! You have officially won this years,”HOTTEST WOMAN IN JKD” contest by an impressive amount of votes!

P.S. I voted for you too.

Paul Bax- JKD Brotherhood

* Jeanne,

You are a brilliant actress. I think you are a much better actor than most people who become very well known…and have a sharp presence. You are much more gorgeous than like 99.8% of the girls out there!! Hey I would be surprised if you don’t hear numerous and sincere compliments on such stunning beauty!! You know you do! It is pretty amazing how gorgeous some people can YOU. I do wish you success in all you do and also hope you remain as humble as you sound thus far. You are lovely and uniquely crafted!!! You’re a sweet soul and I respect that. I thank you because life is fast…time is valuable…and I know you have better things to do than take the time to reply to me.



* Dear Jeanne,

Great working with you. You are a very good actress and just gorgeous…I know you have a wonderful career ahead of you. Thank you for the picture.

All the best,

Rhea the old hooker

* Você é linda, adoro o seu trabalho. Sou um grande fã.



*Well, Jeanne, last night I did finally see Codename Phoenix. I guess I’ve only been sort of a lukewarm fan (he says, tongue in cheek), only having seen youin R.S.V.P. and a couple of TV roles, but never when you had to carry a whole picture. But now that I see what you’re capable of… That was really great – nice action scenes, and you just generally lit up the screen the rest of the time. If the Sci-Fi channel can produce a couple of giant snake movies a year and have them end up on dvd, I’d say you’re way overdue for a sequel and this one should already be available on store shelves for your fans. Anyway, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

— Russ

*Hi Jeanne,

Saw you in Curb Your Enthusiasm, very good, as well as all else you have done. Keep up the good work and best of luck. I’m a freelance classical musician in new york city.


* I am a big fan. I have seen most of your movies. Keep on kicking butt pretty lady.

Gary Fischer

I am one of your fans. Just wishing you a Merry Christmas and a happy new year. A lot of succeses and happiness, to you and to your family. Wishing you the best,


Bashir Bekkaye




* It was so great to see your picture on the cover of Inside Kung Fu. I didn’t read what you personalized on my copy until later. Thanks!! You are so sweet and down to earth. I almost feel like I don’t deserve such kind words. I am happy to be supportive of someone like you. I was looking forward to seeing you at Dragonfest, but I had little idea how great it would be.

Definitely the highlight of my day. Quality time with a real down -to -earth kick -ass (literally) celebrity. It was an honor and privilege to meet you. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving with your family. I will definitely add you to my list of people to give thanks for.

Aaron Mueller

* I picked up 3 copies of your magazine at my local Borders to give to future fans.

My friends are pretty impressed by all of my celebrity photographs, but you are the hands down favorite of all my male and female friends. They have looked at your website and they agree that you are the most “real person” for a “celebrity.” What can I say, your charm is infectious!


* I just have to say,”You go girl!” I am so happy to see the success you’ve had and are continuting to have. I’ll be pulling for you all the way.

Best Regards,


*I would like to pass on a little note of praise to one of Jerry Poteet’s students Jeanne Chinn. I caught her recently in the movie,”Code Name Phoenix” and was impressed with all her acting and Jeet Kune Do skills… She is also amazing looking. I work with models all year so I would say I am a good judge of beauty  It is nice to see Mr. Lee’s teachings are still be used on films today.

Enjoy The Holiday Season

Rich Adrion, NYC

*Hi Jeanne,

I saw your appearance on “Curb” last night on HBO and fell in love with your smile, especially after Larry asked whether you can shoot whales from the terrace! Cleary, it caught you off guard which made the scene that much better.

Anyway, glad to see more people representing the Bay Area. Best of luck to you and your career!



*First off, I LOVE YOUR WEBSITE! The comments/observations you make are genuinely funny, and very thought provoking. Keep the updates coming!!!

I’m glad I didn’t miss the issue of “Inside Kung-Fu.”. You are definitely worth waiting for.


*I loved you in CODE NAME PHOENIX. How can I buy a copy of it ?

– Jonathan

*I just now came across this site and have been learning about your accomplishments. You’re obviously very talented and beautiful, Anyone who is with you must feel honored and uh…either very safe or terrified, depending on how the evening goes. It’s sort of comforting to know that you’re now studying comedy. I love the Latin jazz selection, though it is brief, and the “I Dream of Jeanne” theme song on the other page is just too cute. So, now you are striking me as more funny and vivacious than deadly, yet it’s nice too that you’re a strong woman. I’ll have to look for some of your films.


*Ms. Chinn,

I just saw you in “Curb Your Enthusiasm”. I was quite taken with you. I see that you have done quite a bit of work and look forward to seeing more. This is the first fan letter I have ever written so I hope this is okay (I feel a little creepy).

Thanks! – Matthew


*Jeanne –

Thank you so much for taking the time to write me back. You are awesome!

It’s nice to see a star help out a fan.

Keep up the great work and I hope to see you in more films / plays soon.


*I saw you in Codename: Phoenix. It was the scene that you closed your eyes and moved before being shot. The other actor asked how you dodged the bullet and you explained that it was all in the timing. But it did not stop there. You continued an action performance that was just great. I was wondering who this wonderful, beautiful artist was. I was surprised to learn you were the same actress in Charmed. I look at you as a martial arts star like a Jet Li. I just thought you are one of the better action artists I had seen and wanted to let you know I enjoyed watching you in the show.Please stay with action films, you are fantastic. I’d like to see you in a movie with Jackie Chan or Jet Li. I think you two could make a real TV martial arts team.

Take Care,


Dear Jeanne,

I am a really big fan of yours and would like to know if it would be possible to get an autographed picture of yourself. It would really mean a lot to me. Thanks in advance.

Stephane Laroche, Canada

*There’s just one word for a Lady like U … SEXY !


I am interested in purchasing your DVD demo and an autographed photo. I am a big fan! Keep up the great work!!! Thanks so much for you time!!! Your fan always and forever,

Nicholas G., Vermont

Hello Jeanne,

I am one of Dimitri’s students I am intrested in buying the demo of you at the Bruce Lee convention. It would be an honor to own . Thanks for returning my e-mail , I look forward to seeing the tape and seeing the fighting scenes. You have accomplished a lot and I wish you nothing but the best! My brother and I are currently training hoping one day to be certifed to teach, it is a long journey and we are very dedicated…Jerry is coming to Chicago in June it will be great to meet Sifu.

Agian I thank you,


Hey Jeanne,

Love the site! Well I’ve seen you in a couple of martial arts magazines, and especially the Dec. issue of Inside Kung Fu. I’ve seen your profile and I went nuts (crazy about you). Oh man I’ve told my friend about your website, I said “this girl’s hot”, and he agrees.

Much love.

Brother in the arts Dwayne

Dear Ms. Chinn,

Thank you for taking the time to read this note and I hope you are doing well. I have been a fan of your work since “Charmed” but have also enjoyed your roles on “ER”, “Dharma & Greg”, and “Code name: Phoenix!”

I was wondering if I could ask you for a moment of your time to please sign some items for me? It would be greatly appreciated and they will become a part of my personal collection. I will include a self- addressed stamped envelope for your convenience.

Thank you in advance for fulfilling this request. All my best for the future!


Paul, Fl.