Director Robert B. Weide (Emmy, Golden Globe-winning, & Oscar nominated film maker)

“Jeanne Brought her positive energy to the set of , ” Curb Your Enthusiasm” during our first episode of Season two. She looked great on camera, had a wonderful imagination, and held her own in the “improv. ” department. Jeanne also happens to be a genuinely nice person, one that I would work with again. She is an experienced professional…”

Shopping For Fangs (Film)

San Francisco Chronicle, Edward Guthmann
“… a sly , surprising performance by Chinn as the disaffected Katherine. Jeanne Chinn mirrors Julianne Moore’s performance in the Haynes film (“Safe”).”

“Chinn is memorable and lovable as Katherine, who is so whispery and lacking in visible affect that she comes off as a cross between Marilyn, the monosyllabic receptionist on the television series, “Northern Exposure,” and an early Julie Hagerty.”

Kevin Thomas
“…the pic is enourmously buoyed by splendid playing from the unbilled actress as Trinh, who looks as if she’s stepped straight out of “Chung King Express.”

Femme Fatales Magazine, Laura Schiff
“Special kudos to Jeanne Chinn who, in her film debut, does double duty as both Katherine, a mentally disturbed housewife and Trinh, a lesbian waitress pursuing Katherine!”

Femme Fatales Magazine Pictoral

Interview and spread

Craig Reed
“Jeanne Chinn…whose Aphrodite persona and powerful performance add fuel to,”Fangs.” “Chinn plays dual roles, both the psychotic lesbian Trinh and docile Katherine. She developed the characters so seamlessly that this final revelation is non-telegraphed.

Female FYI Magazine, Francesca Miller
“…lovely Jeanne Chinn is extraordinary in a role that shows the duality of a woman’s nature.”

Code Name Phoenix, (Film)

Yolk Magazine, Alex Luu
“…one of the newest, talented and funniest Asian American Thespians. …not only is Chinn talented, she is genuinely kind in a business known for its ‘dog eat dog back stab each other on the way to the top’ mentality.”

The Rafu Shimpo, Guy Aoki
“After catching Jeanne Chinn in numerous plays at the Korean Heritage Performers over the years as well as in independent films like, “Shopping For Fangs,” it ws nice to see her actually starring in a mainstream, made for TV movie, UPN’s “Code Name Phoenix.” “…this was a breakthrough of sorts to let Chinn carry the picture. This has potential to be a series. I’m happy for Jeanne, a nice person who’s been doing a lot of good work for years.”

Elizabeth Sung- Director, Actor, Sr. Actor’s Consortium Board Member
I had the pleasure of working with Jeanne on “Lethal Weapon 4” and have continued to watch her evolve as a fine actor, human being and leader. From a director’s point of view, Jeanne always exudes warmth, depth, and honesty to each role she plays. She takes direction extremely well and is a good listener. She is an actress with a wide range and has equal command in both comedic and dramatic material. Jeanne’s unique and profound understanding of character allows her to carve out traits that are both specific and universal. She is always conscientious of deepening her understanding of her craft as well as expanding her horizons. Jeanne is a fine writer as well. Jeanne’s love of challenges and tackling each with ease and confidence is her special talent.
Jeanne is well organized and always has a plan to accomplish her goal. She is intelligent, considerate, responsible, positive, passionate, and rescourceful. Jeanne is always reaching out to help her fellow actors. She gives back to her community with equal commitment, talent, and passion.

Don Juan

Korea Times
“To speak at length in specifics about Jeanne Chinn, who plays the lead role, might give away too much of the story for those of you who have yet to enjoy the play. I can say, however, that hers is easily the most demanding part in the production, and that she pulls it off with a performance that is as convincing as it is charismatic. She handles the demands of the physical scenes with swashbuckling dash and aplomb, and is a deft with a comic line as she is with a sword. Her dramatic scenes are among the best in the play, and her ruminations on women and love with Carlotta, perhaps the most eloquent. Make no mistake, she is the star of this production and she wears the role well.”

LA Downtown
“Good Theatre needs good actors. Don Juan starts strong with the title character, played with a touching combination of beauty, honesty and balls by Jeanne Chinn. Chinn’s Juan is not a one-trick Victor/Victoria joke. Three women supply the soul of Don Juan: Angela Nicholas, Yuria Kim, and strongly holding centerstage, Jeanne Chinn.

Martial Arts

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Todays Women of Tomorrow

Inside Kung-Fu
“Today’s Women of Tomorrow”
By Dave Cater
Pg 42

JKD Stylist/Actress
Jeanne Chinn is one of the busiest martial artist/actors in Hollywood. A longtime practitioner under the original Bruce Lee student Jerry Poteet, Chinn has graced the cover of several Unique Publications’ offerings and each time been a solid attraction.
With recent appearances on “Weeds”,“Charmed” and “Curb Your Enthusiasm,”  Chinn has established herself as a solid actor. Yet she is quick to say that none of her success would have been possible without the lessons she learned studying martial arts.

Inside Kung Fu Magazine, “Jeanne Chinn Ultimate Profile” December 2004.

Dave Cater

“…We were struck by her dazzling combinaiton of beauty, brains and brawn. She was successful in a world where few women were given a chance to succeed. …It’s this supreme self-confidence that not only makes Jeanne a top catch on the acting circuit, but also has turned her into one of the top jeet kune do practitioners-male or female- in America.”

Jeanne Chinn & Sifu Jerry Poteet demonstrate correct techniques in Jeet Kune Do Magazine.
Jeanne Chinn on the cover of Inside Kung Fu, signing copies at Dragonfest

Jeet Kune Do Magazine
“Iron Hidden in Silk.” June 2002

“Chinn generates the kind of power in her front or lead punches and kicks that most martial artists train a lifetime to achieve. How could someone of such diminutive stature accomplish this? Magic, “secret techniques”, or mystical chi power? Not at all. Jeanne’s remarkable skill level is the result of hard work and sweat, and the application of the scientific body mechanic principles of jeet kune do.”