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Let Your Light Shine

During the eclipse I was sitting in a small audition room amongst a glorious array of women. We sat just inches from each other. White, Asian, Indian, Latin, African American- all there for one TV role. This is what progress looks like! There was an energy of nerves masked by casual disinterest. Some were fighting to cram lines, while others were fighting to imagine they were the only one there. One lady was awkwardly standing to create separation. A friendly voice reached out to me,“Your shoes are fabulous!” “Thanks!” I replied. “I like your hair” “Thanks, it’s really big.“
We were parched. We drank water, wore headphones, fixed our faces, asked who was next, hid our work, and averted our eyes. The first actor was summoned into the adjacent audition room. She immediately flubbed her first line and broke down apologizing. It hurt to hear it. The casting director kindly told her it was ok. She encouraged her to start over with a stronger intention. Take 2: Flubs peppered with, “Oh my God I’m so sorry! Wow, I don’t know what is happening to me….” Take 3: More misspoken words, pauses, and apologies. Finally, it was over. They thanked her and she came out.
It was the girl who betrayed herself by telling me her hair was too big. My heart went out to her. She didn’t believe in herself. Her critical, fearful, inner voice eclipsed her desire to perform. We’ve all been there.
We can take acting classes, dress impeccably, work out, and have killer photos…but no one will ever see what we can really do if we don’t believe in ourselves. If we can’t take our moments knowing that what we have to offer is precious and unique… all of the training won’t matter. Loving and believing in yourself is some of the most important work you will do in your lifetime, no matter what your profession. You are a masterpiece.