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Jeanne checking in!

Jeanne checking in!

Hey everyone! Happy 4th of July!  I hope you all have something fun and safe planned. Last year’s was a bit too crazy for me.  I think this year’s party will be perfect! I get to spend it with my friend Mieko who is sitting next to me (on my left) in this photo.

Thank you all for the thoughtful birthday wishes and gestures. I had a wonderful birthday at one of my favorite places in LA, Lake Shrine.


I Heart waterfalls!

A swan named Joy at the lake

Enjoying the garden with my girlfriends

Thank you for the emails about my episodes of Love That Girl. I did three of them.  They have been replaying them a lot.

To those of you inquiring about Code Name Phoenix on DVD. I’m sorry to say we don’t have access to it at this time. I’m flattered that you all remember me as Phoenix.  Your messages always brighten my day. Thanks to all of you who take the time to drop me a line.

Skyping with my sister is such a visual smorgasbord. This time, I was surprised to see the twins potty training on the right side of my computer screen. Pretty cool until one of them stood up while he was mid….stream!  LOL.  I  held  my “oldest” nephew’s artwork (he’s been potty trained for many years now)  up to the camera so that he could see how much I cherish his birthday card.  He held is “yearbook” up to the camera and read aloud.  “My favorite color is neon, my favorite time of the day is noon, my favorite restaurant is the Crab Shack, and my favorite actor is…Jeanne.”  He is just too much. Kids have the most refreshing perspective. This beats winning an Emmy in my book. :p

My JCLA handbag line is doing quite well. We are now available in Canada and all across the nation. Learning about a new industry and doing something that gives back to a worthy cause has been so fulfilling. I feel so alive! Please take a second to Like the JCLA Facebook page: Here are some YouTube videos of the bags:

As always, I’m sending blessings your way. I appreciate you stopping by. And remember, whatever you can do or dream…begin it!