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Life’s Little Surprises

Life's Little Surprises

Hope everyone had a happy Father’s Day! I ordered my father’s day gift fourteen days in advance this year just to be on the safe side. The company decided to ship the assortment of trees and shrubs to ME instead. I spoke to customer service telling them they had sent the gift to the billing address instead of the shipping address. They confirmed my Dad’s correct address then proceeded to send the second shipment to my house again!?! Sigh.

Thank you everyone for the sweet birthday messages. Two of my Gemini girlfriends and I went to Vegas for a triple birthday celebration. Lots of Beach Bunny bikinis, dancing, limo rides, and all around questionable behavior- not by me of course. I’m a big nerd. My girlfriends are absolutely crazy, and I love them for it!

I returned to LA where my sweet friend Andrea threw a surprise party. Balloons, red velvet cupcakes, tons of laughter, and generous hearts. On the 17th, I started the day seeing some of my favorite people. I enjoyed an early hike and arrived home to find clues leading me to gifts hidden in my favorite spots in the garden. The day was rounded off with a go see (my godfather likes to call it a modeling “look see”) and a nice dinner. My friends & family went above and beyond in the creativity, generosity, and personal touch department. I’m truly blessed.

The day after my birthday I took my good friend (the present hider) to meet Amma for the first time. We received her blessing and had a great time meeting a variety of interesting people.

Today I had a callback for an acting job. We were asked to ad lib throughout the script which made it even more fun. I was given a new scene just before I walked in, but was told to focus on the original scene. When we got in the room, the director decided to concentrate on the new scene. In the past, this would have thrown me. But I trust myself more as an actor these days and don’t waste time worrying about how I’m going to do. In general I’ve realized how much easier it is to be like water (as Bruce Lee would say) and go with the flow.

And now….the deep thought of the day:

Like attracts like. By being courageous, loving, and forgiving you bring love, courage and forgiveness into your own life.

What do you need to attract into your life today? Be it.