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See Jeanne this Friday & Saturday


Without a Trace Fri. Oct. 2nd @ 5 AM  Jeanne plays Meredith on TNT.  Episode:  Nickel and Dimed #3.7

Shopping For FangsSat Oct.3rd @ 8 PM Los Angeles.   Free anniversary screening/party for Jeanne’s very first feature film. Jeanne stars with John Cho (Harold & Kumar) in, “Shopping For Fangs.” Directed by Justin Lin (Fast and Furious).

The devil made me do it

The way people around me communicate/or choose not to… has been mystifying.

I asked my handbag manufacturer to justify their new price quote by itemizing which of my design elements was causing the sudden price hike. After a long period of NO response, I tell them that I’m going with another manufacturer. Suddenly, I receive an email with the following:
Labor cost:$$$$
Stuff?!? Well that clears that up!

I have been exercising a lot of patience and tongue biting with my manufacturer, the acting world, and random people in my life. I know that most of the bizarre behavior I’m at the receiving end of isn’t personal. People just have problems. But so do I.

Yesterday, I was walking to my car at the grocery store when suddenly, I heard the horrifying screech of a car’s wheels right behind me. Missing me by a few inches, was a car peeling into a parking spot that I still had one foot in. The sound of his wheels burning rubber made my heart race. WTF?!

I stopped in my tracks and stared at this “man” parking his car. There better be a bloody emergency. Nope. He was one of those rude drivers who think that being inside of a car protects them from the wrath of the people they’ve bulldozed. But his imaginary force field was partially rolled down.

I yelled, “Nice!” The man avoided my gaze and quickly rolled up his force field AKA: his crappy window.
“….Let it go Jeanne. Pick your battles,” I said to myself. I took a deep breath and walked to my car. I took my time getting in and starting the engine. As I was driving out, the man stepped out from between some parked cars on his way to the store.

There he was, outside of his force field. Exposed like a deer in the headlights. I looked at him with a scowl on my face, he looked at me with dread. I revved my engine, and sped up pretending that I was going to run him over. He jumped between two parked cars and then ran like a girl.

I know, SO bad.
I know better…but it was a hot day and…he was the straw that broke…. No, I didn’t take the high road. But I taught him a lesson.

The lesson I wanted him to learn: Don’t be a dick. People that may appear to be easy targets might just kill you. Think about your selfish actions.

The lesson he probably learned: Asians really ARE bad drivers. Wow, that chick was a crazy bitch.

On a more blissful note, I’m building a huge koi pond with a waterfall in my back yard. The Jacuzzi magically made it onto my property last weekend and will be installed into the ground up against the pond. I will probably never leave my house after this. So all of the unaccountable, stupid, Napoleon complex, parking lot “race car” drivers can breathe a sigh of relief.

I hope you all have great plans for the upcoming holiday. This truly will be a Labor Day weekend for me. I’ll be celebrating two different women in my life who have recently been in labor. These ladies have pooted out 3 boys between the two of them. You do the math. Power to the magical energy of newborns!

Peace, out.