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As I sit here fishing bug guts out of my eyeball, I ponder… That bug couldn’t see. Now I can’t see. This is what happens to things that cloud my vision. They die.

I’ve spent a better part of this year ridding myself of people, places, and things that have been keeping me from all that I really want. I feel great! Someone commented, “It’s LA, you have to expect that people are going to be flakey.” Not the people in MY life or my business. I don’t care if you live in NY or Timbuktu. Accountability and authenticity are rule one for me.

I just finished reprising my role of Mrs. Hu for the filming of Holmes (the pilot I worked on back in November.) I spent most of the morning repeatedly slapping my co-star. I was surprised to discover a bruise on the palm of my hand…I hope my Co-star’s face remained unscathed. This was a nostalgic performance for me, paying tribute to Douglas who sent my picture and resume to the director back in October. Douglas is around, still leaving signs that he is not as far away as we think he is.

I did a modeling job for Wells Fargo’s new campaign. When I arrived on set there were some crew members playing with props. A funny blonde pointed a red laser pen up her nose, turning her nose  a translucent red. Crew members started photographing the creepy result with their Iphones. The blonde looked around, and with the quirky demeanor of the TV character House asked, “Are we ready to shoot?” The blonde turned out to be our photographer, Peggy Sirota.  She has photographed many celebs, including Obama. Peggy likes to shoot with music. We all had a blast. The Wells Fargo client remembered me from their “Someday” campaign and sent me a photo of the poster they had up in their branches (pictured above). Thank you Jerry!

I’m busy wheeling and dealing. Fighting for the creation of my handbags. In the not too distant future JCLA, Inc. will spawn a true labor of love. I can’t wait!