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Trust me, it REALLY works!

Today my commercial agent received an offer for me to endorse an exercise machine. We were a bit mystified by the terms. They wanted me to endorse a machine that would be sold in China. I could not test this machine in person, but I was to give a video testimonial. When my agent asked if it was a union project, the gentleman didn’t know what a union was. He emphasized that I would receive a percentage of the sales (which is difficult to monitor or enforce without the good ‘ol Screen Actors Guild.) Wull golly, I broke rule one and  immediately signed on the dotted line!

Needless to say, we passed on the possibility of $100,000. I’m saying a little prayer for all the people in China who buy this machine. They sent me a clip of another Asian celebrity enthusiastically endorsing the product. Times are tough. If you smell smoke, jump off the flippin’ machine! How’s that for an endorsement?

Speaking of not getting paid, I’m really enjoying my volunteer work! I’m helping to teach improvisation for the Step Up’s New Village High school girls. They like it when I “show” them my name by crossing my arms and dipping my head like a magic genie and then pointing at my chin. They laugh and then call me “Miss,” which I love. I was looking at their binders today which are adorned with photos of their babies. One of the girls just found out today that she’s carrying a boy. I look forward to acting with the girls every week. It’s great to see them laugh and come out of their shells. I will miss them when they go on Spring break.

After school, I went to my modeling agency to put together a new comp card. My agent selected 5 new shots. The Inside Kung Fu Magazine cover, Verizon Ad, Me laughing with a kid on my back, and me with nothing but a gold scarf on. My agent wants to see a proof first. If she doesn’t like how the sexy shot looks next to the others, she’ll replace it with a shot of me fully clothed… about to throw a plate of chips at the camera. Ha, ha. Life is so random.

My Own Wireless Connection

My Own Wireless Connection

Astounded by my realization that I wouldn’t want anything in the mall, even if they were giving it away, I paused outside of a Verizon store. A large poster near the window made me think about last year’s shoot.  A hungry sales guy popped outside and asked,”Can I help you?” I said no thanks and kept walking.

I wondered what ever happened to the shots that David, from McCann Worldgroup, offered to send me from my Verizon shoot.  Well, most companies don’t offer, much less deliver,  tear sheets.   I dismissed the thought from my mind.

When I got home, the Verizon shots were there waiting for me!  My brain’s wireless connection is getting stronger. It must be all that meditating. 🙂   Right now, I sense that you are reading this. LOL.


So, on the short list of companies that provide tear sheets for their models: Verizon, Nestle, & Enterprise Rental Cars. Thank you for being refreshingly caring and accountable.Verizon

Surprise Wedding

Surprise Wedding

I hope this message finds you well. I posted 2 blogs, but they disappeared into cyberspace! At least my Twitter feed (to the right) publishes daily updates!

You guessed it, I was a bride on Monday! Wow, my groom, bridesmaids, flowers,  champagne,  and all the little details, were just perfect! But you’d expect nothing less when your wedding is actually a shoot for the Sheraton Hotel! They shot me having breakfast in bed with one guy…then getting married to a different man after lunch! The photo above is with groom #2. I know a few people who wish they had a back up bride/groom in real life. Hee, hee. Here’s to….options!

I’m grateful that all the drama of Jan. and Feb. has ceased. I’ve awakened with a whole new perspective on life…and death.I am amazed by those of you who reached out to me. My state of weakness inspired friends, family, acquaintances, and even strangers, to shine in their wisdom and generosity. Now I understand that part of loving is receiving.

I had dinner with my Godparents tonight and they said, “Jeanne, you whole life has been about bouncing back.” Well, I’m truly grateful to have made it through this last trial. I really didn’t think I was going to.

In January, I booked a modeling job where the client needed me to look like I was in pain. I repeatedly flung around heavy objects in all sorts of back breaking positions while the photographer chanted, “Faster, faster!”

The idea was to make each object blur past the camera…but the props were too heavy, (even for a ninja like me! Ha, ha.) After sweating up a storm, I asked them to remove some of the weight so I could truly give them the blurred effect. I’m an actor, so I can manufacture my own pained expression without help from the prop guy.  Boy was I sore the next day. Who says modeling isn’t hard work?