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I had planned on blogging about fun Holiday parties, my new handbag line, a modeling gig I’m on hold for, and the great time I had with my family.  But life has a way of ignoring plans.

On Xmas eve I spent the day with my family where there was no cell phone reception. I got home at 3 a.m. and I realized I hadn’t checked my messages all day. I listened to a message from a photographer I’d worked with, asking me to call him as soon as I got the message.  Hmm, he never calls, but it’s too late to call him back now.  I scanned my e-mails and stopped at one with the subject: Douglas.  It was from the director of the “Holmes” pilot (old lady role) that Douglas had referred me to. The message read: “Hello Jeanne, when you get the time give me a call. Douglas was killed in Portugal. Sorry to tell you the bad news.

I did not sleep that night. I just couldn’t believe it. I still can’t.

This was the saddest Christmas ever.  Thank God for my family and friends.   Not knowing what happened to him, and waiting to hear is painful and surreal. I pray that he wasn’t murdered. Imagining all of the different scenarios is horrible. Thinking about it makes me sick, but the circumstances that surround his death don’t add up.

Douglas was so full of life. He had so many plans. He wanted to do everything NOW. He was hungry for knowledge, charming, funny, and, like me, he had big dreams.  He was shooting his own projects,and  writing his own scripts. Before he left he even asked me what kind of part I wanted him to write for me.

Douglas was a  nurturing man. He would cook for you, even at the most ungodly hour. He claimed he was, “Never tired.”  He always connected people who he thought could help one another.  In many ways Douglas’ physical beauty blinded people from the beauty that lived within him. He really cared about protecting people’s feelings and showing them respect.  He always urged me to stand up for what I deserved.

Douglas was one of those people that I couldn’t wear a mask around.  He really saw me.  He showed true concern and compassion for me.  When I was sad, he never pried, but told me that when bad things happen, you just have to put it behind you and keep going.  I’m trying to take his advice right now, but he was the one who lifted me up when I thought I couldn’t go on, and now he’s gone. I just don’t know what the point is anymore.

I wish i had taken him to the airport. I had to work that day and didn’t know when they would wrap me. I told him I didn’t want him to miss his flight if I didn’t get off in time.   Douglas was leaving for Portugal to shoot a movie that his manager was producing.  I sent his manager a message asking him to take care of Douglas for me. I don’t know why. Douglas wasn’t 3 years old, and I don’t usually say things like that. When I found out about Douglas’ death I e-mailed his manager asking what happened, as he is the only one I know who was in Portugal with Douglas.  No response.

The photographer who called me on the day that Douglas passed was the one who took the series of shots of us in my Photo Gallery.  This is one of them:

In Loving Memory of Douglas Barcellos


I know you had unshakable faith and that you are safe with God. Selfishly, we all miss you and would do anything to have you back here with us. You lived with a passion, sensitivity, and drive that others only dream of. You were already a star. Thank you for making me laugh and making me live.  You will always be in my heart. Beijos.

What’s Old is What’s New.

What's Old is What's New.

My Thanksgiving started unexpectedly at 7am. A voice sent my heart racing as I sprung awake in the guest bedroom at my sister’s house.

Mom: “Jeanne, whatcha doin’?”

I yanked the covers up over my naked body, shielding myself from my Mom’s wide eyes. She stood at my bedside with her coat draped over one arm.

J:“What time is it??” “What time is it?!”

M: “Stop asking that question. We got here early to avoid traffic.”

I spent the next fifteen hours giving my 6 year old nephew piggy back rides, while dodging spit up, diapers, and my Dad’s suggestion for me to try my hand at a career in grant writing. (The spit up and diapers were courtesy of my newborn twin nephews, not my Dad.) In LA, I don’t think about family bonding and babies, so it was a nice change of pace to see how the other half lives. My stay was fantastic, as was my sister’s gourmet cooking.

What’s new on…Some new photos (like the one above) are in the gallery. In hopes of establishing a more up to the minute connection with you (and a less epic blog), Twitter will appear on this page soon. In the meantime, feel free to follow me on Twitter. I can commit to a virtual sentence or two a day, right?

I didn’t know what Twitter was until my friend Peter explained “tweeting” to me outside a screening of, “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.” (Where do all of the skin and bones go at the end…by the way??) ‘Tis the season for industry screenings in LA. I really liked the movie, “Milk.” with Sean Penn. Revolutionary Road was well done, but a huge downer.

What’s old…I recently played a 65 year old Korean woman in a pilot presentation for ABC executives. I had a blast creating Mrs. Hu. From her sarcasm and spurts of aggression, to her cane dependent booty walk, this character had me possessed. It took the encouragement of a special person to play a role that I would not have considered in a million years. Thank you Douglas! I think I might have a future as the Asian Estelle Getty.

Jeanne as Mrs. Hu in "Holmes."

Jeanne as Mrs. Hu in "Holmes"

Speaking of being around for a while, I was flipping through TV channels when I paused on David Letterman’s show. He was sitting at his desk helping Reese Witherspoon promote her reportedly crappy movie, when I noticed something I’d never seen before. His middle and ring finger are fused together at the bottom. On BOTH hands!

I immediately Googled:David Letterman Webbed fingers.  NOTHING came up. How has this man been a celebrity on TV all these years and escaped any mention of his webbed appendages? He’s not hiding it. He constantly gestures with his hands, repeatedly showing you the webbed wonder. So let me be the first to break this very old news. May I present….Exhibit A:

Thank you for your Jeanne sightings: I’m on airplane tray tables for Verizon (I didn’t know there were ads on tray tables), on cell phone packaging at Best Buy, the Yahoo Business homepage, Business Week, and most major airport terminals.

I’ll leave you with something Michael Beckwith spoke about recently. Each and every one of us is meant to live an unprecedented life. We are not here to limbo under the challenges that life presents. We are meant to hurdle over them.”

Allright then, let’s get to work!