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Jeanne Chinn: It’s Complicated

Jeanne Chinn: It's Complicated

Unfortunately, you don’t need to divorce Charlie Sheen for life to be complicated. I received my flight itinerary for my GM commercial less than 24 hours before my 5am. departure. I’m at the fitting in Detroit when my agent calls. I was right, my TV audition went well.

Agent: Days of Our Lives wants you back tomorrow to meet producers for that recurring role.”

(Too bad it’s physically impossible for me to be two places at the same time.)

Jeanne: “Argh! Are they seeing people another day?”

Agent: “Nope. You might have a shot if every single girl bombs tomorrow. Not to rub it in, but they really liked you.”

And that’s how Murphy’s Law works. I’ve never gone out of town without missing an acting opportunity. I’ve just learned to be grateful for what I have in front of me.

In front of me: Perfect 80 degree Detroit weather, huge cumulus clouds, lush greenery as far as the eye can see, a first class direct flight, town cars waiting for me, the sight of my first firefly (they’re fabulously green! Not yellow like in the movies!), fresh baked chocolate chip cookies before bed, and working with a good friend. As the driver takes me from the sound stage to my hotel, he says, “No joke. We’re about to take exit #69 to Big Beaver Road.” My hotel is located on Big Beaver Road. The kind of thing that makes high school kids….and some adults…snicker.

The shoot went well. That’s a photo of our set above. Nice people, some laughs, and a few protocol issues. Jeanne believes in professionalism and isn’t meek about setting things straight. My friend labels me the “Madonna” of Asian women. I choose to take that as a compliment. He then volunteers to be my Secretary of State whenever I need to issue a complaint. Sugar coating has never been my strong suit.

Me and my Secretary of State On Rt: Me and my Secretary of State

True to the last minute nature of our business, Secretary of State and I both receive auditions that conflict with our return flights to LA. Production is kind enough to accommodate our budding career opportunities and schedule earlier flights home. For the love of acting, we leave Big Beaver at 5am. (2am. LA time) to catch the earliest flight out.

At US Air, we’re informed that our flight had been canceled. We can remain in first class and arrive in LA at 6pm. or we can take whatever we get. I get a first class ticket departing at 8am. to Phoenix, with coach from Phoenix to LAX. My friend gets- shafted. The ticket agent says she simply can’t deal with any more questions and steps back from her station at the computer. Suddenly I become Secretary of State and manage to coax the agent back. My friend’s audition was before mine, so I ask the agent if I can give him my flight. She rolls her eyes. I explain that my ignorance is due to inexperience, but that the most important thing is to get the Secretary of State home ASAP.

With the help of a travel agent, S.O.S gets a coach flight on Northwest @ 9:30 am., making it back in time for his audition. Confronted by my Verizon ad at all 3 airports, I have plenty of time to contemplate how the poster really doesn’t look like me. I make it home in time to change and go to two auditions. The past 3 days have been spent waking at 5 am. and 2am. For someone who normally goes to bed at this time, my clock is in a tail spin.

Good Lord, we just had a 5.4 earthquake! My heart is racing.

Amazing Acting Opportunity!

My mom recently asked me why I’m not allowed to play “normal people.” Luckily, I’ve been getting more “normal” roles these days. Which is why it was so disheartening to see the following come out in the industry breakdowns (LA casting notices) today. I guarantee, they only removed the nudity because they couldn’t find anyone who would do it.

VAN WILDER 3 (Revised role of Dongmei)

Feature Film

Pure Pictures Entertainment


(DONGMEI) Female. Chinese. College-aged. She is Yu Dum Fuk’s well-endowed girlfriend and a fellow exchange student from China. Dongmei is sexually adventurous and uses her prowess to get what she wants. ROLE NO LONGER INVOLVES NUDITY

Is this still funny to people? Sadly, someone will take this part. They may need the money. That’s one thing that many people forget. Most actors don’t write their own parts, and end up having to make the most of the stereotypical crap they get. Some actors choose to say no and find an alternate way to pay the bills….only to have someone else play “Yu Dum Fuk” for the world to snicker at.

The only real “dum fuk” is the writer.

Flying High

Flying High

My TV audition went well yesterday. The casting director gave me some good feedback. We’ll see what happens!

I guess I shouldn’t have unpacked my bags ‘cuz I’m leaving again for Detroit Michigan. I just booked a GM commercial that will run during the Olympics and on the internet. I was surprised to book this one. On my way to meet producers, I was stuck in 20 mph. traffic due to a sinkhole on the freeway. I thought sinkholes only occurred when it was raining?! Anyway, I ended up being late. My neck was burning from the stress, and it was all I could do to put a smile on my face. What a gift to get the call that I booked it. I’m fortunate to be working with a friend on this job as well. I’m trying to squeeze in another audition today as well as a time sensitive meeting that conflicts with the shoot. So I’m off to the races again!

“If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.”- John Wooden