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Charmed Enter the Demon#4.4 Airs on Mon. May 19 5:00 PM on TNT

Charmed Enter the Demon#4.4 Airs on Mon. May 19 5:00 PM on TNT

I feel like I have my own personal network of spies who call, text, and e-mail me about their sightings of my Verizon commercial. Now my “network” is telling me about my Verizon print ad popping up at LAX, Las Vegas Airport, The Wall Street Journal, LA Times, San Francisco Chronicle, Forbes,Newsweek,Contra Costa Times, USA Today,& Sports Illustrated …just to name a few. Ha, ha. Thank you for thinking of me! My Father’s Day Home Depot spot should be airing soon. I don’t know when my Zyrtec commercial will be up and running, but I’m sure my fabulous spies will be the first to alert me.

My DVD demo reel is now available! Thank you for your orders! I am very pleased with the production quality and the new design of the DVD. The new reel includes some scenes that you can’t view on You will see clips from WEEDS, and Girlfriends, as well as bonus martial arts footage. The DVD demo reel is only $12 plus shipping and handling. You will receive a free autographed photo with your order. Quite a deal considering an autographed photo alone is priced at $10. Hmmm, what were we thinking?! If you would like a copy please got to the Contact Jeanne page, specify your order, and enter your PayPal e-mail address. You will receive an invoice via PayPal. Muah!

I recently had the pleasure of experiencing the Step Up Inspiration Awards gala. I was moved by the teens, and in awe of all that Step Up does to empower women and enable teens thrive and go to college. What a humbling event. I am proud to be a member of Step Up and excited to do more.

My charity organization, The LEAP Foundation, just received repayment of our micro loan to Cattle Lending run by Sabrohon Ulmasova. Way to bring the cows home Sabrohon!

Here’s My Verizon Commercial

Here's My Verizon Commercial

For those of you who have been asking …
the lovely Allison Fuller just sent me the YouTube link to my Verizon spot.

On a Roll

On a Roll

Ok, not the best picture of me, but it fully encapsulates how I’m feeling these days! For those of you who have been asking, I don’t think my Zyrtec commercial has aired yet. Thanks for all of your e-mails about my Verizon commercial. Most people have spotted it on MSNBC, ESPN,CNN, and ABC. Some of you have already seen the print ad campaign as well. I have not. I do see the commercial airing on the flat screens at my gym every day. I always hope no one will notice that it’s me up there, but at least it’s better than watching the Food Channel. Ha, ha. Yes, my new gym does not play the Food Channel. Hooray!

When I set my goal to book 3 national commercials I said, “My new business venture is going to require a ton of capital. I really don’t want to go to investors. If I am truly meant to pursue this dream, show me the money!!!” BAM! Two national commercial bookings in one week, plus a bonus print campaign. Focus, ambition, whatever you want to call it, had me working towards my 3rd commercial booking. I got close a few times. I walked into one audition and the casting director said, “Are you Jeanne Chinn? Is your agent Pat Brannon at BBR?” To which I replied yes. “Pat said that all I have to do is bring you in and you’ll book it!” How much do I LOVE Pat?!

That same day I received an e-mail from my modeling agent who, while shopping in Florida, stopped to pose for a picture next to a life sized version of me. My agents are the bomb! They are always so enthusiastic and supportive of me. That’s why I’ve been with each of them for almost my entire career.

Back to my goal. Home Depot called to check my availability for a commercial. My agent asked me if I was drinking some special water or something. Then she asked if I’ve ever played any sleazy parts on TV or film, as Home Depot was concerned about image. Can you imagine Jenna Jameson playing a sales associate in a Home Depot commercial?! Actually, I bet a lot more men would be flocking in to buy their tools. The next day I received the call that I booked the Home Depot spot. MY 3rd national commercial booking of this year actually came to pass! Pat said that while most people are having the worst year of their careers, I’m booking everything. I feel truly blessed in every way and in every aspect of my life.

Personally, I’ve been taking advantage of being a California girl by running on the beach every weekend. Oh, what bliss! I also took a quick trip home last weekend for my best friend from high school’s baby party. This weekend I’m volunteering for the Children’s Nature Institute. They take disadvantaged children 2-8 on nature hikes throughout the LA area. I’m a big hiker and nature lover, so I’m looking forward to helping out. Everyone, get out there and enjoy our beautiful earth while it’s still standing!

I’ll tell you more about my business venture as it unfolds. Sometimes I feel like the whole thing is bigger than me. But that’s just fear and excuses. What’s real is that I’ve been blessed with, not one, but two amazing mentors who have been guiding me through the darkness. Perhaps my third mentor is on his way…ha ha.