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What You Focus on Expands.

What You Focus on Expands.

Happy Easter everyone!
I’ve spent this month acting, working on my new handbag designs, doing some charity work with LEAP and (thanks to my nutritionist) eating every 4 hours and running every day. Amidst all of my meetings and feedings, I suddenly realized that I haven’t been focusing on commercials. So in that moment I decided that I would book 3 national commercials in March.

The following week, I’m on hold to be a sensei in a national commercial. Unfortunately, they end up going with someone else. With 2 weeks left in March, I keep the faith that I will book my 3 magic jobs. That same week I audition for a national Zyrtec commercial. They have me happily arranging flowers in my kitchen. I look into the camera and let everyone know that I can fondle pollen because I just took Zyrtec! I get a callback, and soon after, my agent calls to tell me that I’ve booked the job. She says that they knew immediately after my first audition that I was “the one.” I still have no idea how they pick from the hundreds of people who audition. I’m set to shoot on March 19th. After my wardrobe fitting on Friday, production calls my agent to ask if I’m available to shoot on Monday, the 17th, instead.

The next day, I go to a callback for a national Verizon commercial. At least 30 ladies, all different types, have come out on a Saturday for this role. I go in 2nd, but they keep me standing by for 2 more hours to pair me with another actor and work with the director (who is channeling Will Ferrell). I’m missing an important meeting, but I don’t complain. I check e-mail on my Iphone and answer questions like, “What is Wifi??” from my restless competitors.

Monday rolls around and I’m driving to my Zyrtec shoot. My agent calls, “They’re checking your availability for Verizon. The fitting is tomorrow and the shoot is the 19,& 20th with a photo shoot on the 21st. Two seconds later, I hear that I’ve officially booked the Verizon commercial. Apparently it’s a big campaign. Ha! Good thing Zyrtec switched shoot days! I arrive at Venice beach for the shoot, where I spend a mere 3 hours, arranging flowers and spitting out the word, “Zyrtec” as fast as I can. When I get home, I realize that the wardrobe girl still has my bra. It’s a long story.

The Verizon shoot was quite a big production. I spent 4 hours just trying on wardrobe. It got to the point where I wouldn’t even bother change behind the curtain anymore. Patrick, the stylist, would just dress me and undress me in front of whomever. We just wanted to find the winning outfit, which turned out to be a sleek pair of black Gucci trousers, a fuschia top, and a grey fitted jacket. We shot for two long days, waking up at 4 am, returning home at 7 or 8 pm. I’m what is known as the “hero” of the commercial. It’s for their new product that I’m also endorsing in a print campaign. Paul, the actor who has become synonymous with Verizon and, “Can you hear me now?” works 200 days of the year doing commercials and print ads for Verizon, and is on hold with them for all of the days in between. He was very kind, humble, and a joy to work with. I have some photos from the shoot, but I won’t post them until the commercial airs on April 16th.

So if you’ve been counting… I have one more national commercial to book this month, with about 5 days left to do it. Ha, ha. Anything is possible.


US TV Schedule:
Tue. Mar. 4 8:00 AM TNT Charmed Enter the Demon #4.4
Wed. Mar. 5 12:00 AM TNT Without a Trace Nickel and Dimed #3.7