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Phoenix Rising

Hey there!
Code Name Phoenix is now available for sale on DVD at! So many of you have been inquiring about Phoenix. Thanks to the tenacious efforts of fab. Fred, we are finally able to make my movie available to you! A signed DVD is $20 plus shipping. As you know, this movie is impossible to find for purchase! Just go to the Contact Jeanne page and request your DVD on the web form.

I went to a Superbowl party sponsored by Pepsi yesterday. Um, does anyone not look good in those silver pants? What an exciting ending to a game, eh!? It was nice to chill and be with friends. I’ve been working so hard developing 3 of my business projects. It’s scary and exciting at the same time. Luckily, I have great support around me. On the acting front, I just heard that the producers and writers have reached a pretty solid agreement and the strike may be over by the end of this week. Praise the Lord! I turned into a popsicle on the picket line last week. Feh.

I’m also organizing some great events for my charity organization (LEAP). Just around the corner is the EngAGE In Creativityopen house and auction in Burbank on Saturday Feb. 23rd. This free event is from 2-5pm at the Burbank Senior Artists Colony at 240 E. Verdugo Avenue, Burbank, on the corner of San Fernando Road. A cause near and dear to my heart, EngAGE in Creativity, celebrates arts for all ages and showcases the NEA model senior artist colony program. EngAGE is a nonprofit provider of life-enhancing creativity, wellness, lifelong learning and intergenerational programs to thousands of seniors in affordable apartment communities.

Speaking of which, I’ve finished my volunteer training and am about to be paired with my senior at Senior Smiles! Some interesting rules: I can’t tell my senior my last name or phone number, I am not allowed to be in a room with my senior with the door closed, I can’t accept gifts, and I will never be paired with a male. I am allowed to give gifts, as long as they are not dangerous. I will visit a minimum of once a week. This mission will self destruct in 5 minutes.

Many thanks to James Yamamoto for adding new links to the Links Page! He is a superstar webmaster, and a stellar human being to boot!