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Ohhhhh! (This is post #69)

Ohhhhh! (This is post #69)

My voice over (technically it’s called ADR) job was so much fun. The director was full of light and humor. He’d be asking me about martial arts and cracking jokes, then suddenly, I’d hear 3 beeps, at which point I would spontaneously scream and cry. The actor I was looping had a really high pitched voice and was hysterical most of the time. Strangely, it was a nice release.

I’ve been roaming around California this past week. Can’t seem to stay home. I went to Joshua Tree for the first time last weekend. We hiked all over and I was mesmerized by what seemed to be piles and piles of rocks that some prehistoric dude had piled up in the middle of nowhere. It was beautiful, but cold and ridiculously windy. We sprinted all the way down Ryan Mountain, partially for sport, but mostly because we were freezing! I’m sooo over winter. My “headlights” were on the entire trip. I spotted the cactus in the attached photo as we were hiking. It reminded me of how many of us have prickly spines on our hearts.

Any spines that were on my heart were instantly melted away when I went to surprise my nephew for his birthday. His little face was stunned when he saw me hiding around the corner from his school. He gave me a million kisses and we played like maniacs for two days. Love is a beautiful thing.

In light of my experience over the holidays, I decided to volunteer for Senior Smiles here in LA. It’s a unique volunteer opportunity for people of all ages to visit lonely seniors. After my orientation, I’ll be matched up with a senior who is looking for companionship. Their youngest volunteer is 11 month old (she attends with her Mom), and their oldest volunteer is 81 years old. All they require is a big heart and a smile

Wisdom from a friend

Wisdom from a friend

I want to live without limits. “Nothing is impossible. We are the ones who set limitations. We keep saying “This is possible, that is impossible; this can be done, that can’t be done..” We are the ones who put ourselves like slaves in the prison of our limits, of a stupid, narrow, ignorant common sense that knows nothing of the laws of life. The laws of life are not at all what you think, nor what the most intelligent people think. They are something else altogether.”

We put time limits on everything. Oh, that will take such and such years to accomplish. No. I don’t think so, I think it takes as long as we do to see it. Once we believe and know it to be the Truth, it takes no time at all. It’s really all there is anyway. I know things to be truthful or not. My heart always tells me. It is fear that stops me, so I am trying every day to live without it.

Happy 2008!

Happy 2008!

Thank you all for reading my long story! For those of you who are touched by elder care, see the films: Away From Her, and Man in the Chair. Man In the chair is tempered with a bit more humor. Speaking of health care, the film Sicko rocks. You must see it. Michael Moore bravely speaks the truth about our health care system with creativity and wit. I’m ready to move to France now!

Good news, I booked a voice over job for tomorrow! It was an offer, so I’m happy that my past work speaks for itself.

I think I’m a little late in saying Happy New Year!! This is what happens when you don’t blog every day and you’re out of town partying like a rock star. ;P

Aside from my assisted living visit, these holiday memories still ring in my ears… My nephew exclaiming, “Jeanne is the best ride ever!” &, “Grammy, can you stop talking? You’re making me drive crazy!!” And I’ll never forget my dad singing Love Shack on his new karaoke machine?!

After freezing my booty off in SF, I gratefully flew to the balmy, 80 degree weather in Miami. It was like being in a warm bath the entire time. New Year’s was an absolute blast. I was with 2 other Geminis, which made for great fun. Our communication was almost telepathic at times. And true to the power of three, we manifested many magical things.

What better way to end a vacation than spending the day on the beach, dancing the nights away, taking long walks, meditating, and luxuriating poolside with free shots at the Ritz Carlton. We did a little party hopping New Year’s Eve, but no one knows how to rock NYE like the Delano Hotel. We danced in the heated pool (The shallow end of course! In 8 inches of water) ’til 3am. We celebrated the wonder of nature on our last night by dancing on our ocean view balcony as the first rain poured down. Then we jumped into the Jacuzzi as the rain came down on us in buckets. Ahhhh.

I step into this New Year feeling refreshed, serene, and full of inspiration. I am going to finish my writing projects this year. Now is the time. The bright side of the strike is that I have time to create work that actually resonates with me. 🙂

In 2008, be brave, be true to your soul, and whatever you do- share your love.