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May all of your wishes come true!

May all of your wishes come true!

I Haven’t had much time for writing these days, so this post will be simple. Just the facts ma’am! I hope everyone has been enjoying the holiday season. I had a great Thanksgiving. I cooked for 2 days, but it was worth it! I am so grateful to have such good people in my life. My charity organization, The LEAP Foundation, had a great opening party (that’s me and fellow member,Arden, prepping the goodie bags above). We’ve been busy decorating holiday cookies and wrapping Holiday gifts for those less fortunate. I hope all of you are able to spend the holidays in a warm, dry, place with your loved ones.

A friend of mine just returned from S.F. and e-mailed me a photo she took of a bus stop ad. She thought it was funny ‘cuz the girl on the poster looked just like me. Turns out it was me, in the Palm Phone shoot I did over the summer. Thank you for all of your Northern CA.  Jeanne sightings. It’s fun to have a few print ads up in my old hometown.

James has begun posting clips of shows I’ve been on. You can click on “Demo Clips new!” to view them. He’s also added some new links to the links page. We are finally on the verge of having DVD copies of Code Name Phoenix available for all of you who have been asking and patiently waiting!

My movie picks: The Great Debaters (saw it twice), Enchanted (Disney- predictable, but so much fun), Things We lost In the Fire (Benicio del Toro rocks!), and American Gangster is worth a go too.

My rotator cuff has completely healed now! Strangely, massage ended up beating out physical therapy as the most effective cure. I’m so grateful to have my shoulder back and can’t wait to punch someone’s lights out! ;p

Whether you are in the entertainment industry and are being affected by the writers’ strike in some way, or a disgruntled viewer now your favorite shows have gone dark, here is an easy way to let TV producers know you’d like them to get back to bargaining…super fast and easy, pick one show or all of them, it takes about 5 seconds per show…
Please help get everyone back to work under a fair contract! Thanks!

I feel a little weird about this, but for those of you who have asked. Here is my Amazon wish list. Of course my #1 wish is always work!