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Phoenix Rises…again.

Phoenix Rises...again.

In case you (or your TIVO) are awake at 3am.

US TV Schedule: Sat. Aug. 25 3:00 AM SCIFI Code Name Phoenix

Watch me lose it.

Watch me lose it.

It’s been busy lately. I just booked a commercial for TJ Maxx. All different races, ages, shapes and sizes were at the audition. I had two callbacks (yes, in this business, a call back- or second interview becomes ONE word). It was fun being paired up with talented actors and collaborating with the director. The actor playing opposite me is a total pro. and very funny. 🙂

This commercial is so me. I often find myself mystified, to say the least, by the antics of those around me. I’ll be earnestly going about my business and inevitably, someone has to act a fool. It takes everything I have to swallow the incident and not scream, “What is WRONG with you?!?” This commercial encapsulates one such encounter. I can’t wait to shoot!

Question: Why is the Food Channel always playing on at least 2 screens in my gym? What masochist is staring at gourmet food while they’re working out? If I’m pumping iron, food is the last thing I want to look at. There’s never a fitness program playing. Maybe it’s the gym’s strategy for staying in business.

Ok, I don’t watch the Food Channel. I spend enough time eating food. I don’t need to watch it on TV. It seems that there are only two types of chefs on the Food Channel. 1)A rail thin model preparing decadent desserts that she would, like, never ev-errrrr eat. 2) A sweaty, overweight chef who never ever stops eating. I guess these shows speak to someone. Someone who relates to the anorexic or gluttonous chef, and thinks, “I, too, would like to make artery clogging fare that will kill me, and everyone I love! Let me off this f-ing treadmill!”

Oh, I’m just crabby ‘cuz in LA, size 2 is the new 6.