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I just booked a modeling gig for Palm Pilot! Yipee! (Oh, I mean….Palm)

Cock-a doodle-too much to -doooooo!

Cock-a doodle-too much to -doooooo!

The past 2 weeks have been overwhelming! I’ve been shooting, going to fittings, and auditioning, while simultaneously entertaining house guests! Whenever my friend Annie comes to visit from Thailand, I’m always working. Last time, she was bored silly as she watched me walk through the same smoky cave, over and over again, on the set of Charmed. This time, Annie stood in my closet each morning and offered me Thai nipple concealers, as I tried on various audition outfits. I tried to explain to her that visible nipples actually help you get jobs here in LA. Lol! Don’t worry, I wore the concealers. Oh, the glamour of it all. I’m amazed that she’s been my friend since college.

The Palm shoot was great. My call time wasn’t ’til noon, so I had time to squeeze in 2 auditions that morning. The ad features me in a club setting with a blonde and a brunette. After we finished shooting girls night out, they added some guys to the mix. I’m also in a double date dinner shot. The client was very involved and super accommodating. My makeup artist was the same one who did the Elizabeth Arden shoot with me. What a small world.

Yesterday, I had a 5 am. call for the TJ Maxx commercial. It wasn’t too much of a shock to my system, as I’ve been waking at 6am. every day for the past week! We did our scene in front of a green screen ‘cuz the elephant was a diva and had to be shot separately. ;p Unfortunately, the extras weren’t so lucky and had to work an 11 hr day with us in the blazing heat. The director kept throwing us different directions and takes on the scene. I absolutely thrive on this! I love challenges. It was a great day. I went straight to the gym afterwards and could barely stay awake on that machine! Lucky for me, the Food channel was on, gag.

Today I booked a modeling job for a new product called Comfortis. This time I’ll be working with a dog, instead of an elephant. I’ve never been trusted with a dog before! I guess that whole negative Asain/dog thing has finally been squashed.

Thank you for all of your DVD, and magazine orders! I’m sorry that we are temporarily sold out of the DVDs, but my people will be contacting your people when we get the new ones. Ha,ha. But seriously, they will.

Last Sunday I volunteered at a wonderful benefit for Life Rolls On. I was amazed by the generosity and efforts of all who attended, even Paris Hilton.

Oh, I’d like to give a shout out to the casting assistant who walked into the middle of my taping last week and stood by the camera making lots of noise and strange faces. I was dealing with a ton of techincal copy and last minute changes. I was in my car for hours for that audition. I didn’t want that job anyway. Thanks so much for that! I radiate compassion to you, and that guy in the gym last night…you know who you are. I give you the gift of peace…and a clue.