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There are times when Meryl Streep’s character in The Devil Wears Prada speaks my inner monologue. I’m often mystified at how people can allow a simple task to bleed into an all day ordeal.  I was tickled by the humor and intelligence of Meryl Streep’s speech at the Golden Globes. Jennifer Hudson’s soul screaming performance in Dreamgirls had me shell shocked and crying.  I can’t wait to see her win that Oscar.

As snow fell in Westwood and the plants in my garden turned black from frostbite, I realized there was possibly more suffering to be had in Salt Lake City. So off I flew to Sundance! Life events were strangely accelerated in Park City.  The minute our plane touched down in SLC I got a call from my agent that I booked the modeling job I’d been determined to get!  I squeezed in 2 good movies, not amazing, but good. With two partners in crime by my side, we created magic everywhere we went. Anything we spoke of materialized before our eyes.  If you’ve seen The Secret, you should be smiling right now.  It was manifestation at its best! We even sacrificed a little party hopping to help the police positive ID a criminal.I enjoyed 4 action packed days @ Sundance before flying back early to LA.

At the Lolly Lu boutique I received a sassy pill box that read, “Behind Every Successful woman is Herself.” This item, along with some gourmet brownies and a bad ass Monarchy ski hat were mysteriously stolen from me.  I imagine the thief to be a very successful woman with brownie cellulite and a sweaty head. And finally, what all downtrodden celebs have been waiting for: celebrity gifting made easy!  Luxestar has created a way for celebrities to view products and gift themselves online, in the comfort of their own home. No more unwanted gifts, no more lugging all of that swag to your crib. You order what you want online and the items are delivered to your home! It doesn’t get any sweeter than that.

When I landed in LA my agent breathed a sigh of relief and told me to go straight to bed. Of course, I went straight to the gym.  I hadn’t worked out in 4 days! The modeling job was definitely worth the change in itinerary (except for having to wake at 3 am.)  My lack of sleep @ Sundance, combined with the early call, finally caught up with me.  I slept for 13 hours that night!!! I didn’t even hear the phone ring.  A few days later, I got sick.  It seems that ever since Halloween, I’ve been going non stop. Now I’m in bed with a wastebasket full of Kleenex and a nasty cough. As I sneeze all over the scripts and sides of the 2 pilots  I’m going in for tomorrow, I have delusions of grandeur. So I’m a fountain of mucus, and thanks to some playful wrestling during our viewing of the SAG awards, I’m sporting a thumb mark on my chin.  It kinda looks like I have a cleft in my chin, like Superman. The sky is the limit for me, and by tomorrow, I will be a fully recovered series regular!

That’s all.

I hope you get this

“When You Raise Your Frequency….

You move your frequency signature – soul note – to a higher harmonic – you resonate to higher faster moving light energy. Often, you hear tones.

The music you listen to – is of a different harmonic.

Things beyond third dimension call to you.

You become more aware of digital triggers – 11:11 – 333 – – seeing them more often.

You see and hear signs everywhere – such as a song played on the radio or something on TV that brings an immediate message. You might see a message on a bill board – the license plates of the car in front of you – clouds or rainbows patterns in the sky – stars that twinkle as if a signal – the messages are all around you if you just ‘look’.

The synchronicities in your life increase and you understand the ‘bigger’ patterns/ picture of what your soul is trying to convey to you.

You realize that there are no accidents. You are attracting the events in your life.

You allow events to unfold as the best things that happen to you – happen by synchronicity.

You attract people into your life who are of ‘like mind’ – their goals similar to yours. The nature of your friendships changes.

People often bore you with their issues.

There is a sense that you they are not from ‘here’ – perhaps another planet or realm whose memories are surfacing at times in meditations or dreams.

You sense that you are on a journey or will soon be taking a journey away from the physical planet.

You do not see yourself ever getting old, sick, and dying – as if you will just ascend or leave.

Your diet changes – with less bulk.

You have a desire to write a book. We all have a story to tell. It is our experience here. It is already written but you want to see how it ends.

The books you read – websites you search – are all about metaphysics – healing your soul – and searching for your mission.

Your sense of mission a feeling of urgency – is ever-present.

You feel a sense of completion of 3D karma and a need to move into higher thought.

Your life takes a new direction which feels better than ever before. You sense that this is what you have been waiting for all of your life – something that has always been missing – but will now be shown.

You get glimpses of other realities – experience temporal distortions – your psychic abilities increase.

You feel the energy changes on the grids on many levels.

You feel sleepy and tired more often as you body adjusts the higher frequency. This is followed by period of high energy and euphoria. Many people are feeling happy but they don’t know why!

You become more aware of those who have crossed over – when they are around and can communicate with them with your thoughts and in dream time.

The symbols you have seen in you thoughts and dreams – the patterns you have doodled on paper or created into your art work – now have meaning. They are your keys to remembering your mission.”

Call me gorgeous bitch

Happy New Year everyone!  Turns out I’m the only person who was not cut out of the Elizabeth Arden spot that I did recently. What a blessing.Today I picked up a package from my agent’s office.  Not a script, but a gorgeous hand painted tee shirt by Mark Gray. He designed one especially for me and I LOVE it!! What a special gift from a talented man!

In case there are any stragglers who have yet to take the microscopic journey though my second hand smoke-filled lungs, my Anti Smoking commercial has also been renewed!  I can now cough up a sigh of relief.

Speaking of second hand smoke, I just returned from a modeling gig in Vegas where I enjoyed an exquisite meal at Bradley Ogden.  The kind of meal where your eyes get really big ‘cuz you can’t believe how something could taste so divine.  The service was impeccable too. Try it, whydontcha.

People have gotten very aggressive on the strip.  It doesn’t matter in the least that you’re on the phone. Elvis called me Bootsie (because of my boots) and asked me how long I was in town. A guy in a baseball uniform told me I looked exactly like Lucy Liu.  I informed him that I wasn’t her.  To which he exclaimed, “You look exactly like her!”  No further comment from me.The next guy was practically running toward me, I motioned towards my headset and said, “Sorry, I’m on the phone.”  He continued to say whatever he was saying as I smiled and repeated, “Sorry, I’m on the phone.” To which he replied, “Well, you still look gorgeous bitch.”  So many charming men,so little time.

This has been an eventful beginning to ’07. I won’t say more than that. You can tell a lot about your friends when you have a party. There are the people who say they’re gonna be there but don’t show up, those that show up and are lovely, those who can’t commit, strangers who turn out to be nicer than your friends, those that call to cancel just before or during your party, and then there’s the one that calls to see if you need anything picked up while she’s on her way over to help you set up.  She pauses long enough to give you a hug and an unexpected gift, before she proceeds to take care of every little thing that slips your mind,without you even noticing. Hint, the last one is an angel named Aly, and definitely a keeper.

You can also tell a lot about the people in your life when you have a crisis. Most will say, “Oh, that’s terrible! I’m so sorry!” Some will put their foot in their mouths. Some will offer help, guidance, and support. Some will react in horror as they list all the possible ways that this incident could affect them. Others will be mysteriously abducted by aliens, as they should be. The most beautiful thing that I’ve discovered is that one person in my life, talks about my life’s crises like this, “Well, we tried such and such. We even… What if we…”  My Mom talks about my problems as if they were her own. I’ve always been fiercely independent and I don’t like to rely on anyone for anything.  I do, however, tell my mom what’s going on in my life.  It wasn’t until today, that I noticed her using the word WE instead of YOU.  I told her how amazing I thought that was. She’s the only one who does that. She doesn’t use the word WE when I book a job, win an award, or have a surprising windfall.

I think my mom is my best friend.

Disclaimer: Statements made in this blog do not confirm that Jeanne has: 1) thrown a party 2) had a crisis or 3) eaten a good meal in Vegas.  Any statements paralleling real people or events are merely coincidental.