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What’s Behind the Mask?

Hope everyone had a rockin’ Halloween.  I’ve had my fill of getting groped.Well, maybe not. lol!

I thought the whole WEEDS thing was over until I found out that my character, Jade, lives on in subsequent episodes. Apparently Shane is carrying around my picture and bragging to his friends about us. He even has my photo up in his locker.  I’ll have to let him down easy.  I’m just not into younger men. ;P

Thanks for the e-mails about my pic.being up on Yahoo’s home page. Don’t know what that was all about…

I did an Elizabeth Arden commercial. Fun stuff.  Minimal makeup and hair was the order of the day. Odd for a beauty commercial, but what do I know. Things that make you go hmmmm.

And then I receive this e-mail!

” Congratulations! You have officially won this years,”HOTTEST WOMAN IN JKD” contest by an impressive amount of votes!
P.S. I voted for you too.
Paul Bax
JKD brotherhood
Thanks Paul! I’m blushing, while simultaneously throwing you a backfist. Muahaha.

I just caught Katt Williams on HBO’s, “The Pimp Chronicles.”  He’s my new favorite comedian! I admire anyone who has the balls to tell the truth.

In LA you often witness an actor/writer/producer/director pulling up in a new Aston Martin, while their remote parts the steel bars that grant entry into the subterranean parking garage of their jacked up studio apt. building.

There are probably 1,000 times more people using a 310 area code than actual people residing in the 310. I get it. Whatever gives you the strength to swallow daily rejection is your own business.

But here’s when it’s not okay: when I type a Beverly Hills address into my navigation and I end up stranded because Mr./Ms. Moneybags REALLY lives Inglewood!  I keep my old Thomas guide in the car for these LA moments. Time is precious, don’t front.  Gimme your freakin’ mailing address not your fantasy address.

Cool quote of the day: “People too weak to follow their own dream will always find a way to discourage yours.”

Stay true to yourself, the rest is…Hollywood.