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“Ya know, its hard out here for a …..”

Hey there! The Ergo mattress shoot was great.  They took photos of me and my “husband” and solo shots of me sleeping on their mattress. I had to lie perfectly still on top of weights (I wasn’t quite making the dent they needed in the mattress) while they smoothed and pinned every wrinkle in my silk nightgown. Hardly the luxurious nap I was dreaming of,but I wasn’t hired to sleep!  I loved working with this company.

Been busy auditioning and working with the Siren’s Society.  We’re gearing up for our next fundraiser benefiting Life Rolls On. In the meantime we are filling backpacks to be delivered to Nicaragua’s Sunflower Children, and mentoring kids @ Camp Max Strauss. So much to do!

Many thanks to my staff and their awesome e-mail wrangling skills!  I loved all your notes of support and encouragement.  I want to talk a bit about the WEEDS controversy. As a fan of “Finding Nemo”I never thought I’d be defending (or giving) a hand job to that little clown fish. No one I know was offended by my character giving an implied happy ending to the actor who formerly voiced Nemo, but this was a dangerous subject for the writers to tackle.

WEEDS is a comedy series on an adult pay channel. No one was nude, an act was not simulated, the actor’s mother was on set, and the creator of the show cast her own mother as Madam Rhea.

All viewers saw was a heated debate in a room resulting in my character being manipulated by the child in question into performing an act that she deemed, “inappropriate!”

The situation was loaded with moral issues.

1) Are we aware of how early children are being peer pressured into sexual experimentation?

2) Should we be more selective about who we entrust to care for/mentor our children?

3) Should massage parlors be more closely regulated?

4) Are we able to recognize that this is a fictional show about a mom who supports her sons by dealing weed, enlisting a high school kid to sell, while sleeping with a DEA agent?!

I think the characters on this show make outrageous choices to show us how corrupt this world has become. In a previous episode the 12 year old boy was playing “terrorist ” with a little girl.  I hardly think the show was hoping to start a new trend in play dates.

Controversy is healthy. Sometimes anger can serve as a catalyst for people to do something positive in the world. What’s viewed as a satire to some, may be loaded with unresolved personal issues for another. The gold lies in what you choose to DO with your feelings.

What are you going to do to ensure that your stellar morals and values are enforced globally?  Perhaps you can write your own critically acclaimed TV series that no one will find fault with. Maybe you can create an organization that fights against massage girls who prey on 12 year old kids.

I only hope that you care more about your cause than merely shooting the messenger.There must be tolerance in this world for opposing viewpoints, choices, and forms of expression. Turn on the news and you’ll see the results of intolerance.

After we shot the scene in question the young actor smiled and said, It’s my character, not me.” Apparently a 12 year old is able to discern the difference between real and make believe. So am I.  So was the creator of the show. I challenge any viewer who is offended by a television show to find something better to do, or DO something better.