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WEEDS! Showtime Sept. 4th @ 10pm.

Hello! WEEDS will be airing Sept 4th on Showtime at 10 pm. Episode #4 “A.K.A. The Plant.”Don’t miss it! I just booked a print ad for Ergo Mattresses. Hopefully they’ll just have me crawl onto a mattress and go to sleep! Hee, hee. The Wells Fargo shoot ended up being more difficult than working for them as a teller! I stood outdoors wearing winter clothing in the blazing heat, carrying a heavy platter of egg rolls in one hand  (because all Asian people bring egg rolls to holiday parties.) and a big sign in the other….while an irritable photog. told me to portray 7 conflicting emotions simultaneously. The posters will be up at your local Wells Fargo around Xmas time. I’ll be the girl with steam coming out of her ears! I also did a photo shoot for a new JKD book for my beloved sifu Jerry Poteet in conjunction with Inside Kung Fu.

Auditions have been crazy. Last week I would start out with one or two appts. and inevitably have a 3rd audition added last minute.  I went back to be put on tape for a TV series and the casting director told me that I was the best person they had seen all day. I was shocked to hear him say that.  I never get feedback on my auditions, and hearing it directly from the casting director was a gift.  I often make the mistake of equating not booking the role… to not being talented.  I can’t wait for the day that I don’t have to audition at all.

I had fun at the MFCI charity event.  It was sooooo hot in Beverly Hills that day.  My scalp got sunburnt and all the white people turned red.  I worked really hard, but it felt great to be doing something for others.

I can’t say enough about my amazing web designer, James Yamamoto! A million thanks to you James!

“Fair? The only place that fair exists in on a bus!”