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Wull, like aside from WW 3…this is what’s goin’ on. ‘Kay?

I just booked a print ad for Wells Fargo Bank. I shoot next week. I used to be a teller there, hated it! Had a blast working on Weeds! Its exciting to work on a show that pushes the envelope. I felt much love from the cast and crew. I think it turned out pretty funny too.

Oh yes, I had a birthday. Now I can legally buy my own tequila! Thanks to all of you who remembered. I am so blessed to be surrounded by great people. This year I went to Palm Springs and spent a week detached from my cell phone and e-mail. I was at an adults only resort where quiet was mandatory, cell phones were restricted to your suite, and nudity was A-okay. The only place I had to be each day was at my spa treatment! Ahhhhh! My favorite amenity was the natural hot springs grotto, a healing set of pools that was open 24 hrs.!! Everything should be 24 hrs.!!!

I returned to a flurry of LA activity. Did a modeling job, started auditioning right away- seems that pilot season is year round these days! I’m getting very close people! I went back for ADR (additional dialogue recording) for Weeds. My episode (#3) won’t air ’til late Aug./early Sept. Hopefully the censors won’t attack what we did.

Our charity event for The Chase Foundation was a huge success! I had so much fun and felt honored to be a part of it. Next I’ll be helping out at the Maternal Fetal Care event.

Random tidbit: People have placenta parties. Yes, they save the birth oozie from their newborn, fry it up like ground beef and serve it to their friends!?! I don’t EVER want to be invited to one of these parties. Though I’m sure placenta tastes just like chickie.

Lately, when a certain girlfriend and I go out to eat something gets sent to our table gratis. It happened recently at our favorite French restaurant. My friend smiled at the chef when we walked past the kitchen and viola! Seared Ahi. We were dressed up that day, but last weekend we went for a hike in the hills and showed up at an Italian restaurant all funky. The host asked how we were to which I replied, “Great, how are you?” He paused and said, “Good, thank you. No one ever asks me that!”Me, “Really? How rude.” That was it. At the end of the night an intimidating platter of 3 different desserts arrived at our table. Our benefactors never come on to us or act like they want anything in return. Which just goes to show you that a kind word or a little smile can really make someone’s day…even your own! Cue music: “People who need people,are the luckiest people of all.”