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Check me out, posting without a 3 month hiatus! I’m so proud.:)
I just got back from shooting a Sears commercial. I was surprised that I booked this one ‘cuz I was in Vegas working the Mirage job and could not make it to the callback. We shot for 2 days and I have to say that I’m very handy with a Craftsman trimmer/blower. (No one said it was a glamourous job.)
Within the last week I’ve had 3 different husbands… one for Sears and 2 for the Mirage Hotel- well maybe the Vegas guys were just flings…;) Shooting at the Mirage was a blast…except for the 4am. call time. The ad was for the Fin restaurant at the Mirage. I have never worked with such a stunning crew before-everyone was HOT! I’ve also never eaten dinner at 6am. :p
The baby hummingbirds have definitely brought me good financial luck. I saw baby Pollock fly out of the nest just before my flight to Vegas. I put a pillow below the nest in case he aborted the mission. He did great, and now the nest is empty. Its kinda sad.
Thanks for all of your notes re. my Anti-Smoking commercial. I guess its still running strong. Everyone stay safe and dry out there! Hugs and kisses! Jeanne

Be courageous, its the only place left uncrowded.

Thought I’d share that quote with you. I hope this message finds you well. Things have been busy. I just booked a modeling job for Mirage hotel/casino resorts. I’m off to Vegas for the shoot. It was really hard to find the actual casting that day. I had 2 other auditions on the agenda and I almost gave up. I was probably the only model who figured out where the session was. Victory by default! Ha, ha! I’m getting paid more for one day on Mirage, than the entire time I worked on According to Jim. This business is so random.

One of the first people to give me an acting job just won an Oscar! Paul Haggis was the producer of a David Caruso show called , “Michael Hayes.” I guest starred with Lucy Liu. It was such a good experience for me as a new actor. The people on that show have gone on to do big things. I hope its contagious! 😉

Many of you haven’t heard back from me in a while. If I told you what has been happening in my life since last November, you wouldn’t believe me. I have learned that I need to be more careful about who I allow into my life. I used to enjoy going above and beyond the norm in the kindness dept., but now I see that I have to save it for those who have “earned it” or are in my inner circle. I don’t want to be a jaded, closed person, but I have been too trusting. The law does not always protect the innocent and there are a lot of loopholes that make it possible for criminals to get away with pretty much anything. So, if you guys don’t get a response from me just know that I think of you with a smile and am very appreciative of your support.

Life’s a bitch, and then you fall. I was enjoying a brisk run and climb in the mountains last month, when all of a sudden, I fell. I NEVER fall. Luckily there wasn’t any damage to my face, but I ended up with 2 flaps of skin hanging off the palms of my hands. In shock, I exclaimed, “It’s my hands, not my feet! Let’s keep running!”. People have always complimented me on how I don’t run like a girl. Cut to Jeanne running with her hands held up in the air like someone is chasing her with a gun. I can say, however, that elevating my hands DID keep the blood from gushing out. The run ended with my partner chewing my skin flaps off (we didn’t have scissors and didn’t know to leave the skin on). The fall kept me from booking a job where my hands were essential. You will never catch me running or climbing in the mountains without gloves on again!

Luckily, with the bad, comes the good. I have been incredibly blessed in every aspect of my life. I’ve learned so much and have grown tremendously through these trials of life. For every rotten apple that gets tossed in my bag, I have 5 guardian angels watching my back. These days I am very well protected! The key to survival is to think like a man. Instead of getting emotional, I look to solving the problem first…or getting laid (ha! ha!)

My home extension turned out to be a fabulous work of art. I was surprised to discover that a family had moved in to my outdoor living room. A precious hummingbird decided to build a nest above the chandelier in my back patio. (People have told me this is a very good $$ omen). She laid 2 eggs, the size of Q-tip heads, that have recently hatched. It is a little miracle to gaze at the babies from just inches away. The babies are growing so fast…they already look like Mom (not mine, theirs). Mama bird must know I’m just a crazy fan, ‘cuz she hasn’t pecked me in the head the few times she’s returned to find me all up in her business with my camera. Life is so good!