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Thursday, September 1, 2005

Thought I’d never come back eh? I was a little worried myself. The cable guy came by to fix my modem and ended up blacking out my computer. If said cable co. doesn’t pay for the complete overhaul on my computer their name will be posted on my website for sure.

It took a month before computer genius #2 (the amazing & talented Jeff Mazzotti) came along and salvaged all of my “irretrievable” files! Hundreds of e-mails in my inbox were destroyed before I had a chance to read/answer them. So if you haven’t heard back from me, please shoot me another e-mail. Most of my address book was destroyed.

What have I been up to? Lots of interesting things involving men. I helped a 50 year old man put on a pair of men’s briefs (over his pants) in the middle of Longs drugs. This was all for the sake of Janell’s bachelorette party. We thanked him for being such a good sport to which he replied, “You made my day!” Fri. afternoon, 100 degree heat…I’m inside a garage near Hollywood with 2 hot men rubbing me down with castor oil. Unfortunately, this is not a typical Friday for me-just a photo shoot. For some reason the oil effect didn’t show up in the photos, but it was a fun activity anyhow! I did another shoot where I got to strangle a business man on a conference table. I love my job!

So new photos are on the way, along with a new website that is being designed by James Yamamoto! I will be able to post blogs more often on the new site.

Inside Kung Fu Magazine got the numbers on my cover and thanks to all of you, it sold extremely well! Acting has been busy. I’m getting really good feedback and I think my work is becoming more complex and raw. I was recently offered a role without having to audition, only to find out a few days later that they wrote the part out! Easy come easy go. They are paying me a cancellation fee, but I’d much rather work than get free money.

As an actor, finding your audition can be half the battle. I was lost on the Warner Bros. lot when I spotted another girl who looked like me…all stressed out and Asian. She flagged down 3 men who obviously worked on the lot. As I got closer, I realized that the guy giving directions was George Clooney. As she and I ran and griped about how hard it was to find our producer’s session, I added,”Well we couldn’t have gotten directions from a better person!” To which she replied, “Yeah, he was kinda cute.”

Holy mounds of dirt! I’m extending my home. Planning this on my own has been a bit overwhelming, but Jeanne likes to do everything on her own. I’m learning. The first time I saw the whole side of my house ripped open all I could do was laugh! It looked like I should be back there selling crack. The other day I opened the front door for someone who wanted to work on my house.He said, Is your mother home? I’ve also gotten, “Are YOU the sole decision maker?”  Same thing when I bought the house. Never underestimate the power of Jeanne Chinn.

The builder I ended up choosing has a relentless work ethic. Watching him inspired me to get off my butt and landscape the back yard. I’ve planted over 6 trees, tons of plants, learned the meaning of the word mulch, and practically dug my way to China! Finally a chance to meet my ancestors! After all my hard work, I was treated to a great surprise. HGTV’s Design On a Dime came to my rescue and redecorated my back patio! I’ll post the airdate when I get it. They did some impromptu filming of me doing a little Jeet Kune Do with Fran Joseph. I haven’t seen the footage but it will be good for a laugh, I guarantee! With all the cooking I’ve been doing for my builder and the Design On a Dime team, I feel like a mother with 8 kids! Luckily I haven’t had to change any diapers. Gotta run! (ick! no pun intended)