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Saturday, June 18, 2005

Happy Father’s Day! Hope you’re all spending time with Dad this weekend. Thank you for all the e-mails, cards, thoughtful gifts, and kind wishes! My birthday really snuck up on me yesterday. Its always nice to look through your peephole and see a little man with a huge floral arrangement from Mark’s Garden! (my favorite!) I called Janell and we sang Happy Birthday to each other simultaneously! :p I had a geat dinner the other night with good friends. We were all really tired, but ended up in one of those conversations where you are so engrossed that you don’t realize its already the next day. 🙂 Last night I had dinner at a nice restaurant. They have great food, but this year the chef was trying a little too hard. Almost all of their dishes incorporated some sort of foam, so everything looked like it had just washed up on shore. We wanted plain vanilla ice cream to accompany our cake, but their vanilla ice cream had cilantro in it. I hate cilantro, to put it in ice cream is a crime! They even tried to be more accessible by having PB&J bread pudding. I’m all for creativity, but even our waiter had a hard time keeping a straight face while announcing the specials.

I’ve been working really hard in many areas of my life (except for my blog! Sorry.) Thanks to those who said they appreciated my last entry. Someone (who wrote, sang, and recorded a rockin’ birthday song for me!) said that if everyone tried making a living as an artist- the world would come to a grinding halt. Luckily we have a diverse population. I’ve met passionate martial artists, doctors, businessmen, lawyers, teachers, and postal workers..yes,
postal workers! The world would be a happier place if we all followed our passions. Everything we produced would be magically fuled by our heart and soul. Doing what you love does not have to be frivolous, it can also make you wealthy- if you so desire.

Someone in my acting class told me that I inspired him to quit his day job. I was completely surprised and felt uncomfortably responsible for his destiny. Soon after he quit his day job and focused on his acting- he booked his first union acting gig! The cosmic thing here: he had brought a friend to the CBS lot to help him run lines before his audition. Security wouldn’t allow his friend in. So he went in alone, and who should he run into before his audition? Me! After I finished reading for my pilot down the hall, I stopped to say hi and offered to run lines with him before he went in. This turned out to be the job he booked! I love how the universe works.

Lately I’ve found myself looking to others to teach me, and tell me what is “right.” The greatest lesson I have learned this year: Trust your instincts! Maybe a cliche, but so true. I have been given adjustments in my auditions that direct me right back to my original choices (vs. the ones that someone else suggested were better.) I had the pleasure of improvising with John Lovitz at a producers session recently. It was so nice to work with someone of his caliber. I found myself jumping off creative cliffs and trusting myself to know what to do. The beauty of improv is that there’s no time for second guessing. The response in the room was more than I imagined it would be. I left feeling alive, energized, and reminded of one of the many perks of my profession. The intense joy of performing.
Have a beautiful weekend!

Much love to you all,