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A lot has been happening. I’ll write more soon.

Here are some airdates in the meantime:

Guest Starring-“Charmed” TODAY! TNT April 5th (Tues) @ 6pm

“Intermission” @ the Methodfest Film Fest.
April 6th @ 2pm
Where: MPTV Louis B Mayer Theatre
23388 Mulholland Dr. Calabasas, CA 91302
This film fest honors the actors!

Night owl’s delight: Jeanne is Phoenix in,
“Code Name Phoenix” Sci-Fi Channel April 7
(Thurs) 3 AM

Curb Your Enthusiasm: HBO April 13th (Wed.)
7:30 pm. & again @ 11:00 pm.

Girlfriends: April 25th (Monday)
UPN (ch. 13 in LA) @9pm.

Visual Communications Film Fest.
The “Untitled Asian Invasion Extravaganza”
(Soon to be, “Target Audience 9.1”)
Sunday, May 1st. @ 9pm.
Where: Directors Guild of America
Theatre 2 (LA)

Thanks 4 stopping by! xoxox-J