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Weather report

Hope all my fellow Californians survived the rain, aka.,”Red alert! Massive Stormwatch 2004!” It’s hurricane Jeanne here with a couple of quick updates…

My episode “Nickel & Dimed, Part 2” of Without A Trace airs Thurs. Nov. 11th @10pm.(Pacific time) on CBS. I’m the Asian chick wearing way too much makeup and way too little clothing. If I hear of any changes I’ll let you know. Please check your local listings.

Also, Intermission opens the first Century City film festival. Shorts Program: Ha Ha Funny/Strange Part 1. Wednesday,Oct.27 @ 12:45 pm.-2:45 pm. At the Fairfax 3, 7907 Beverly Blvd. LA., CA 90048. Phone: (323) 655-4010. To book tickets in advance, go to:

Thanks to Eddie for sending me that wonderful song he wrote! I’m touched and in awe of anyone who can sing and play music. Gotta go memorize lines now… Thanks for visiting!