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Fast times

Hey! I survived my 10 day Master Cleanse. I feel great and even lost 6 lbs. I am amazed at how painlessly my body adapted to the cleanse. I worked out 9 of the 10 days with more intensity and energy than ever. The most difficult part was bowing out of several parties and awards dinners. I’m disciplined, but I’m not a masochist!

I was even able to book a job during the fast. Today I went to Warner Brothers and played dress up for an hour. (Diane Lane was being dressed in the adjacent room- tee hee!). I’m guest starring on Bruckheimer’s Without a Trace. I start shooting tomorrow. Gotta love my job!

Confessions of a LA drama queen.

Hey guys. Thanks for visiting! I just had to use the “Confessions of…” title’cuz its so hot right now. As if…! 😉 Turns out I’m on the cover of Inside Kung Fu’s December 2004 issue. Subscribers receive the issue on October 5th, then it hits the news stands October 24th. Out of 15 possible cover photos, they chose an action shot. The remaining choices are being sent to me. Time permitting, maybe we’ll post some of the mock covers for you to see. Several months ago I saw the movie ,”Zatoichi” and loved it. Little did I know, a few months later, I would be hired to do voice over for the DVD! At one point, I play every single person in the scene. LOL.

Labor Day weekend was party central. Now I’m back to work. I just did a modeling job for the WE network. The ads will probably appear in magazines like In-Style and Oprah. After the shoot, I was changing for a TV audition when April, the makeup artist, offered to spice up my makeup for the interview. Her thoughtfulness made my day. The yin yang of it: someone hit my car while it was parallel parked and didn’t leave a note. There’s not a lot of actual driving that goes on in my car. Just sitting and multi-tasking in a cloud of smog. Auditions have had me driving all over LA. I’m the nut on the 101 reading scripts, while changing clothes, makeup, and personalities amidst all the traffic. They’re casting all the mid-season replacement pilots now, so I’m reading for a lot of series regular roles. On top of that, my college friend and her man were staying at my house last week. They came all the way from Thailand. We managed to squeeze in some fun despite my schedule. Her English husband taught me the word “ice lolli”-translation:
popsicle. Speaking of management, my manager just up and quit the business! Didn’t see that one coming.

Today is the first day of my 10 day fast/cleanse. I’ve never done anything like this before, so I’ll let you know how it goes. I’m supposed to feel fab afterwards, so I’m keeping my eye on the prize. Bye for now!