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I’m baaaaack!

Sorry I haven’t written in a while. My birthday party was fun. I had lots of my favorite people over. Great food, laughs, and conversation. I ended up with a little fire hazard ‘cuz we partied ’til the AM. A couple of nights later I walked into my living room and found a candle (with the wax shell- sans holder) still burning on my wood ledge! I had zillions of candles lit the night of the party (not on my cake of course). I thought I’d blown them all out but its hard to see the flame once its daylight again. Luckily, my house didn’t burn down. I should thank my girlfriend Kathy for giving me quality candles that can burn without incident for 2 days straight!

Work! I just finished a romantic comedy called Partners. Really cool cast and crew on this film. The director even sent us thank you letters after the shoot. Very classy. A friend saw my Pacificare commercial a couple times yesterday, so that’s up and running. I did a modeling job a couple of weeks ago. It was 100 degrees that day and I was sweating like a dog. They kept saying, “Oooh look, she’s glowing! Get that shot.” I think sweat only looks good in Nike ads and skin mags. I wasn’t doing either.
I just completed a job that had me working with Tony Kaye. Tony directed a brilliant film called American History X. (Yes, there is some drama behind his involvement w/that film.) I was under a bit of pressure ‘cuz some slacker in production gave me the wrong monologue, so I had to memorize the real one on the spot. I decided to focus on cramming the words into my head instead of cramming my fist down “Ismael’s” throat. Tony was very supportive of me and his direction was brilliantly simple.

Ok, Sandi Logan is now my favorite casting director. Over the years, I have been subjected to some pretty inhumane treatment in casting sessions. Sandi has managed to keep a warm heart where others have become cold and jaded. She loves actors and treats them with respect. I will never forget her kindness and ability to bring out the best in me during our casting sessions. Sandi, you’re a class act and I hope you win the lottery…or better!

Went to dim sum in Chinatown at a restaurant that was named after one of the three major networks (hint, hint!).
We were excited when our first plate of delicacies arrived,until I called the waitress back and tactlessly announced,
“Um, this one has a pubic hair…” Usually, at old school Chinese restaurants they glare, pick the hair out, and shove the plate back at you. This lady was kind enough to take the plate away and laugh about it with all her friends in the corner. I’m good on dim sum for a while.