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The truth & getting laid.

Welcome to! Recently, at opening night of the Visual Communications film festival, I was casually introduced to… Jeanne Chinn. Strangely, the other Jeanne had little reaction to our encounter. I ,on the other hand, was all bug- eyed and weirded out. Jeanne #2 (actually #1 as she is older than me) isn’t an actor, but I thought it would be a good idea to purchase my domain name in case I ever need it in the future. American Seoul played at the festival to a packed house and was very well received. I really enjoyed the closing night film, “Zatoichi,” which incorporated creativity and humor into (what I thought would strictly be) a violent action movie. Speaking of good entertainment, Chris Rock’s, “Never Scared” on HBO is a riot! There’s nothing more refreshing than someone telling the ugly truth. I also love the guy who was selling his ex wife’s wedding dress on E-bay. Too funny! Some people are just amazingly witty, and some only think they are. It’s painful… but true. I’ve found that the truth is unwelcome here in Lala land. Everyone’s egos are just hanging on by a thread. One day I will get smart and stop telling the truth.

I had fun working on the Fat Albert movie. The set was all love, with plenty of hugs to go around. Joel Zwick is a kind man with a great sense of humor. The costumes for Fat Albert and his gang are hilarious. Its not every day that you see a man in heeled, hot pink, patent leather boots eating an italian shaved ice at the playground. Every other day, but certainly not every day.The food on set was surprisingly Atkins friendly. Fat Albert has wisely chosen synthetic padding instead of Krispy Kreme/ KFC padding. And that’s the truth, Ruth!

I’ve had a nice mix of projects this month. Just booked a Pacificare commercial. Did some voice over work, and a couple of modeling jobs. I also got offered a very interesting role in a play called, “Slow Boat.” I will play a 75 year old Jewish woman who has swapped bodies with a 20 something Asian woman (and doesn’t want to trade back). Here’s what’s really creepy: one of the actors in my play is named Alan Liu. You’re welcome to praise the Lord, but it’s not a miracle. He’s not the same Alan from my previous blog. I’m tripping out about how many people are running around with the same exact name! I haven’t chosen to do a play in a long time, but I’m feeling like I need to go back to my roots…my Jewish roots.

The truth… My birthday is coming up on June 17th. We celebrated my birthday on June 16th for the first fifteen years of my life. At age “14” I dug up my birth certificate and discovered that I was actually one day younger….but one year older than we thought. No, I was not adopted. People just get busy, and things get overlooked. And yes, in addition to being a middle, “oh shit, it’s another girl!” child, that’s why I’m an actor. I also happen to love anything that involves creativity and self expression. This has been an extremely creative year for me. I have a couple of things in the works right now that I’ll tell you about when all the eggs have hatched. Laying an egg is such hard work!