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In memory of Alan Liu

I just found out that a high school classmate of mine was hit by a drunk driver while biking with his girlfriend in Sonoma on Easter Sunday. His life was cut short, and his girlfriend’s spinal cord is now severed. Though we weren’t especially close, I do have a memory of us telling everyone that we were brother and sister…just to see who’d believe us. Mostly, I remember his calm and wise spirit. My wish is for people to slow down and think before endangering their own lives and the lives of others. Its not worth it. Take care of yourselves out there.

Do yer thang!

Happy Easter everyone! I just wanted to take a moment to thank the e-mailers for their kind words and support. It really brightens my day to receive your encouragement. I’m trying to respond to all of you, but I’ve been short on time, so please accept my gratitude if you have not heard from me.

I’ve been noticing how very fortunate I am to be able to wake up every morning with endless possibilities ahead of me. I’m not dragging myself to some horrible job just to pay the bills. I love that every day is full of choices and I don’t have to answer to anyone. Everything I have, I’ve gotten by working hard and trusting in myself. Plus, I have a powerful 2 year old “baby head” -my nephew- who prays for me! I am healthy and surrounded by great people. For all of these things, I am truly grateful. Not that my life choices are for everyone. Many of you are sacrificing some of your selfish dreams for the precious gift of a loving family. That twinkle in your child’s eye is worth all of the sacrifice. For those of you who are putting your dreams aside to please your parents, get over it! If they pooted you out, they should love you even if you’re the #1 crack dealer in town. But seriously, live your life! Can you really be great at something that you’re not passionate about? I was never that passionate about dealing drugs, so I had to stop.

So I’ve been acting my heart out these past couple of months. I’ve just finished principal photography on Target Audience 9.1. (The alien movie). The interesting thing was that I was out of my comfort zone on this project. I was either acting like a complete animal…or crying…as all aliens are known to do. 😉 The directors worked very differently from what I’m used to, which is good because it forced me to just go for it and trust them. I’m a little scared to see how my antics will transfer into the final cut. Fears aside, I have a feeling that this movie is going to be hilarious and unique. I also worked on an IFP project at the same time. A beautiful drama called, “Georgia Heat.” I had to learn a 3/4 Southern 1/4 Korean accent for this movie. Speaking of things Korean, “American Seoul” (that I shot last year) is doing so many festivals, I’ve lost track! I hear, “Intermission” just got into a sister festival of Slamdance. Oh and, ” Hey, hey, hey…” I booked a role in the upcoming feature Faaaaaat Albert! Bill Cosby and his wife are producing. Joel Zwick is directing (My Big Fat Greek Wedding). I think its safe to assume that Mr. Zwick will only work on films that have the word,” Fat” in the title. I, on the other hand, prefer only to work on projects where the word “fat” refers to my paycheck. I was walking off the lot after my audition when the transportation guy for Fat Albert struck up a conversation with me. I remember saying in parting, “See you when we shoot.” I should say stuff like that more often! Positive thinking.

The other night we saw an Aerosmith impersonator at the House of Blues (so NOT my idea!). He did a handspring across the stage and succeeded in busting a hole in the seat of his spandex wrestling costume. He was followed by a Van Halen tribute band. The lead singer kept measuring the worth of every man in the crowd by whether or not he was gonna get laid that night. He also complimented the ladies by saying things like, “You’re totally nuts, but I bet you suck some good cock!” The crowd went wild for his unapologetic, crass behavior. They even responded by raising their hands to him in the shape of female genitalia. I’ve seen people make the universal bunny silhouette, even a duck, but never….that. What really struck me (besides all of the beer that people were spraying) was the undeniable passion that the pants splitter, and the misogynist had for what they were doing (aka. performing.) That I could relate to. So now, you can all go back to your cubicles with a certain sense of dignity.