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Shut up!!

Here’s a first, I was drunk in a movie theater last night. We went to get a drink b4 the movie, and for me, one drink just about does it. Plus, I was in a nasty mood to begin with. So this obnoxious lady comes into the theater talking really loud on her cell phone. I hate this woman. Everyone in the theater hates her. I detest loud people in general. Absolutely no social grace. So loud lady is smacking her lips, and chewing her bucket ‘o popcorn with her mouth open. Finally the movie starts and she yells out in her smoker’s voice, “Is there any sound?!?” And from my own lips, I hear, “Out of your mouth there is!” I was stunned. I don’t yell things out. I’m starting a fight in a movie theater. Everyone in the theatre is trying to be silent, but cracking up. Miraculously, the whole thing passes without incident. Loud lady is done acting out. I probably would have fought her. People who are loud during movies have no respect. They don’t know how hard we work.. Ah, this is why I don’t drink.