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Xmas cookies, Wedding cake, & Acting pie

It seems like eons ago, but the holidays were fantastic! I ate sinful foods, upped my weights at the gym, baked a zillion cookies, spent quality time with my loved ones, evaded the cops on the 5 freeway, and even performed a wedding ceremony! My best friend from high school asked me to be the officiant at her wedding on January 2nd. I didn’t know that you could ordain someone for a day, but it is legal! She told me to go ahead and make it, “funny”. I couldn’t think of anything, so I told Barrie that we were just going to do the ceremony straight. I put together a set of vows and asked Barrie and Noel to approve them. Shortly before the wedding, I received some creative inspiration. I decided that I would surprise them with a wedding a la their favorite show, Survivor. Once the bride and groom walked up the aisle, I introduced our audience warm up guy (a family friend who was sworn to secrecy). He threw candy at the guests, and held up signs that prompted audience reactions. Barrie and Noel were stunned. I figured they would either love it, or never speak to me again. I slated to camera A & B, yelled out, “Action!” and welcomed the audience to, “Survivor, Tilden Park.” (Sponsored by: Crate and Barrel-where they were registered.) The only reality show that had lasted ten straight years. The premise: one guy who’s determined to remain a bachelor for life, and one woman who has a lifelong dream of marriage, are pitted against each other and subjected to various challenges. In the last episode, the groom had lost his immunity to marriage and was subject to walk down the aisle. However, the producers and I suspected that the couple had formed an alliance. They had to win this final challenge, or the ceremony would not take place. Noel drew questions from a bowl and had to answer at least three correctly. Every time his answer did not match Barrie’s I made him eat an array of gross delicacies. When he refused to eat the entire jar of goat eyeballs, I started to walk away from the altar. Two of the groom’s buddies volunteered to eat the rest of the “eyeballs” (really lychee fruit) for him. Everyone had a good laugh and then I performed the actual ceremony. It was a beautiful wedding and a great time. Congratulations to Barrie and Noel! They are still speaking to me. 🙂

Auditions are flooding in. I’m doing great work and getting very positive feedback.. I just had my first screen test of the year. The female lead in a vampire movie. I read with 2 different guys who were up for my love interest. I was exhausted from all of the crying.(My character had to be in tears at the top of the scene) I did the scene 5 times that day. At least I was crying in the audition and not in the car on the way home! Since then, my agent has told me that they’ve narrowed it down to me and one other girl. Now I just have to forget about the whole thing. I don’t like to wait by the phone. I’m also rehearsing for the alien movie. Things got pushed back so I start shooting in Feb. Also, I just found out that multiple scenes from my demo reel have been chosen by Fern Orenstein of CBS casting to be part of a compilation tape of ethnic actors. This tape will be sent out to all of the CBS casting directors and executives along with our photos and resumes. This is the network’s latest effort to promote the casting of minority actors. They chose 8 Asian females for the tape. Hopefully in the future, our employment rate will take up more than 2% of the acting pie. I really like pie. Chocolate cream, banana cream, boston cream, custard…I’m getting loopy, or hungry.

Ciao! (Or should I say, chow?)