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Sunday, November 23, 2003

I have a feeling I’m not going to be a frequent “blogger.” Life is just too hectic. Who reads this anyway? I haven’t told many people about this site. Most visitors end up here by doing a search via Google. I’ve been contacted by a lot of long lost souls this way. By the way, is a “blog” a more frequent version of that annoying, end of the year Xmas letter? If so, why am I doing it?

So, apparently this is the year of indie films for me. My current project was a surprise. I didn’t think I nailed my first read, so I threw out my sides (audition material) the minute I got home. When they scheduled me for a callback, I had to ask them for the material again…because I had ,”misplaced it.” And now, I am officially slated to be an alien (posing as a human-a la 3rd Rock) who is systematically taking over the world. This one shouldn’t be a stretch! Gillian, my character, is warm and affable with a touch of menace. The movie is called, “Target Audience 9.1.” We rehearse in Dec. and shoot in January. I’m excited ‘cuz I love doing comedy and the people I’m working with are cool. I just realized that 3 of the indies I’ve done this year have been comedies. Pretty good for a cry baby.

Speaking of comedy, last week was my dreaded final evaluation at the Groundlings. Much to my surprise, I am being moved up to the intermediate level! Thinking on my feet and creating new characters is both challenging and inspiring. I am learning to trust my instincts and run with them…a trait that is somehow missing in my family gene pool.

On the family tip, my sister was here in LA for a week with my brother in law and nephew. She had to have a major surgery, and thankfully she made it through with flying colors! What a brave woman. I had an instant family on my hands. No more staying up ’til 3am and waking at 9. For the first time living in LA, I got to experience being responsible for 3 other people besides myself. What a huge undertaking! I was like Alice on the Brady Bunch (minus the visits to Sam the meat man.) I cooked at least 2 meals every day and chased 22 month old Connor all day long. Between trips to the hospital, I took my captive guests to auditions with me. It was a lot of work, very little sleep, but so worth it. When you do things out of love, it is truly energizing. Its great to know that my contributions extend far beyond the casting office on a studio lot. Connor, my nephew, is a charmer and is often smarter than us adults! He is so outgoing and loves to dance. He will definitely be an entertainer, but then again…I was hiding behind sofas and shy as a mouse at his age. You never know. Since Connor went back home, being stuck in traffic blows. I don’t get to enthusiastically point out “hetacopters”, choo-choos, “bool” busses, and fire engines. There isn’t a smiling baby head in the back seat that bobs in time with mine while I listen to a great song.

So here’s my take on things today: Life is beautiful.